Parasite Pak & a new host China

Parasite Pak & a new host China

By now it’s an established fact that Pakistan can’t survive on its own. It would have long imploded with civic unrest, self-perpetuating hatred,...

By now it’s an established fact that Pakistan can’t survive on its own. It would have long imploded with civic unrest, self-perpetuating hatred, dismal governance and unquantifiable corruption long back. A new nation formed simply on a religious basis, driven purely by selfish political desire of a few leaders in Indian National Congress, has never been able to either build or sustain a governmental, political, financial or even a social system. One doesn’t need 70 years of recorded history to assess that.

Pakistan is a failed rogue state on all qualitative and quantitative parameters. It has been merely surviving on external financial aid, military support, and strategic geopolitical utility of United States of America for over 60 years. Pakistan is also physically surviving in its current form only with sheer incompetence, lack of vision, courage and nation first outlook of the successive Congress governments in India. This rogue state should have been reorganised into smaller entities long ago to contain it and its baseless vengeance against India.

However, that did not happen. Pakistan is a parasite. It perennially lives and thrives on its host. Across the world there is no other hostile nation like Pakistan. In any measure, this country has added no value to the world. In fact, it has been the first nation way back in 50’s to manufacture terrorists and terror ideology and export to the world. It’s a global peace destroyer. Pakistan is a poisonous parting gift by the British Empire to India and the world.

There’s no change in Pakistan’s focus after all these decades, even after its own nationals have become victims of massive terror attacks, with a backlash. Pakistan’s hands are dirty with blood and gore of millions across the world. Even the USA, being its first host and the ally which protected Pak survival all these years, has paid a heavy price through unfortunate deaths of its many citizens, when terror arrived on its main land.

The USA turned a compulsive host to this parasite in early 60’s to use its geographic advantage during Cold War times to counter USSR. However, as the relationship continued unabated, it was the USA which lost heavily on its decades of wasteful investments on Pakistan. It only got Osama Bin Laden in return, as unprecedented terror was unleashed on its main land.

Al Qaeda, ISIS and many other top terror outfits are all Pakistan trained organisations, which are currently bloodying the world’s cityscape. Pakistan has been the hub of global terror for quite long. It being a US ally, the world so far looked the other way. There can’t be a single terrorist organisation on the earth which wouldn’t have its roots, funding, training or ideological support from this rogue nation.

All terror paths globally lead to Pakistan. All roads to terror start right from here. Many large nations are waking up to this historic fact, only after serious terror attacks on their citizens in their main land. USA was dumbfounded when it found Osama Bin Laden hiding in close proximity to the Pakistan Army base in Abbottabad. India surely wasn’t surprised, as it always knew Pakistan was the mastermind of global terror.

India knew that Pakistan had long become the epicenter for full spectrum of terror services delivery. However, it did almost nothing to contain it, until recently with weak leadership at the helm for over 66 years out of 70. The USA too with an incompetent, weak government for the last two terms under President Barack Obama lost very critical time to contain this Frankenstein-like monster. In these critical eight years, Pakistan sensed the danger of losing its decade’s old master, host and sugar daddy. It has designed and designated its next host.

No wonder, Pakistan has started playing its dirty tricks to cozy up to the next natural host China since 2011, soon after Osama Bin Laden was found and executed by the USA on its soil. “The enemy of my enemy is a friend,” is the formula. Pakistan has already marked and currently perceives the USA, its past host for 60 long years, as an enemy. Especially after President Donald Trump assumed power, Pak has no hope. It’s not spelling it out, for obvious reasons.

China unlike the USA will give no free lunches nor accepts in return terror to its mainland. It will squeeze what best it can from Pakistan. A shrewd nation that it is, China has clear plans to occupy a major territory of Pakistan in the next half a decade. It has a design to run Pakistan on a remote control by taking control of its civil and military enterprise, which has a price tag. The Pak nuclear arsenal is a bonus for this business-savvy player.
China has already played its cards with a ‘China–Pak Economic Corridor’ project through a disputed and occupied Pakistani land stretch.

Millions of Chinese are seeking Pakistan visas to enter that nation for settlement. It’s important to note that this immigration flow is a one-way street. Similar flow from Pakistan to China is impossible. China will use and abuse the new relationship to its optimum, as Pakistan is no shape to negotiate hard on anything with China. ‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’ China will certainly, strategically use Pakistan as a proxy and conduit to counter India’s rise, as a global super power.

In the short run, India will find it hard to initiate military actions on Pakistan with China supporting it vocally and explicitly. However, India, as a sovereign nation to protect and defend its own territory and people, can initiate military action with global support, if compelled into that situation. USA and other key nations’ support to India’s future military initiatives become critical. Gaining strategic counter advantage over China is extremely essential as a part of larger continent control plan for India.

Parasite Pakistan has found a new host in China. It’s official now. It’s important that USA understands and acts on this new relationship. Not just by tweaking its foreign policy in Indian sub-continent, but by making a huge paradigm shift in its decades-old policy with some tough new decisions and strategic intentions. President Trump cannot deliver on his electoral promise of winning the war on global terror by continuing the USA’s past relationship with Pakistan. “One cannot sleep with the enemy and aspire to conquer the same.”

The USA needs to make some radical diplomatic manoeuvres to save it from another massive foreign policy pitfall. The much-needed historic shift can possibly occur under the strong leadership of the incumbent President. It is in the interest of USA that it acts. China can’t smile for too long with the new poisonous parasite, it has turned host to. Pakistan has an incredible track record to sting its friends first.

China will realise that sooner than later. China has just repeated a historic mistake the USA made in the past by supporting a venomous, rogue and terror manufacturer. China can’t blame anyone but itself, when terror arrives on its main land one day with its new association. “What one sows, one certainly reaps.” India on the other hand must have a massive, agile and progressive global strategy against the backdrop of the fast-changing world order. PM Narendra Modi and his team seem to be at it, with a complete plan.

India is an exemplary nation with an immaculate track record of structured governance. India is a functional state with time-tested institutions, branches of state and systems. World reveres India’s culture, ancient knowledge, national spirit, enterprise, intellect and positive aspirations. India had a glorious past, and it will have even glorious future ahead. Indian foreign policy has to be revitalised to ensure that a majority of the world nations are on its side for natural reasons.

It’s not a tall order, if worked with larger understanding of what India is and what it is capable of accomplishing for the world. India can singularly add immense value to the world, which is already set in motion. India can be a true global super power, not by mere military might but through its vast knowledge, empathy, democratic strength and universal values.

PM Narendra Modi and his government are competent and courageous to drive India to the greatness it deserves. Neither Pakistan nor China can stop India from marching ahead on its destined path to global greatness. (Writer is BJP Spokesperson/Organisational Strategist & Author)

By Krishna Saagar Rao

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