Make books your best friend

Make books your best friend

Make Books Your Best Friend. Speaking on similar lines, Madhvi Chandra, Principal of Geetanjali Devashala says, “For kids studying in English medium school, all the subject books will be in English.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers, Charles W. Eliot once thoughtfully said. Agreeing to this, Principal of Jubilee Hills Public School, Varalakshmi, says, “Kids these days are exposed to too much information easily. With so many games and television shows coming up, which kids’ waste time watching them. Inculcating the habit of reading in them is a better option. I would encourage every kid to read newspapers, books (fiction and non-fiction) and magazines as it develops their knowledge and self-confidence. They start sharing their knowledge with others. This way they also develop their social relations. They can also participate in group discussions and any other similar competitions more confidently. The child will also start visualising the scenes which will improve their imagination.”

Speaking on similar lines, Madhvi Chandra, Principal of Geetanjali Devashala says, “For kids studying in English medium school, all the subject books will be in English. Being well aware of the usage of words, studying the academic subjects becomes easier for them. It also improves their spoken English skills which is important for them in every walk of life. Reading also improves their general awareness.

Here are the many benefits of reading:

Helps master the language

Kids will get to learn new words while going through the chapters in the books. Make sure they also keep a dictionary handy so that they can check the meaning of the word immediately. This will also allow them to understand the chapter in a better way. With this he will also learn to write well.

Improves concentration

If the book the kid is reading is interesting, he tends to forget the world around him and gets engrossed in reading. It improves his concentration power. It also promotes longer attention span which is an important skill for the kid to be able to concentrate while reading academic books. He learns that reading is fun and not a chore.

Knowledge horizon increases

For example, if the child is interested in cars, he will read about it. That will expand to his interest in trucks and other transportation like planes and rockets and soon he will be reading about outer space, science and technology and so forth.

Gets to know the difference between right and wrong

Books teach your child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world he lives in. Books provide material for his imagination and free play. Fairy tales fascinate your kid, and help him distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Helps face unpleasant situations bravely

When the child experiences a new and unfamiliar situation, reading a story relevant to his new experience can relieve his anxiety and help him cope. For example, if the child is stressed about his first day in school, or about moving to a new location, reading a book that shows that familiar situation will help him face that situation.

Practice makes man perfect

Kids who read often and widely get better at it. This is pretty much just common sense. After all, practice makes one perfect in almost everything we do and reading is no different.

Reading exercises the brain

Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than, say, watching TV is. Reading strengthens brain connections and actually builds new connections.

Learn about the world

Through reading, they get to know about people, places and events outside their own experience. They are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround them.

Calms impatient mind

The constant movement, flashing lights and noise which bombard the senses while watching TV, playing a computer or electronic game are quite stressful. When they read, they read in silence and the black print on a white page is much less stressful for their eyes and brains.

Improves relationships at home

If a parent wants to spend quality time with the kid, apart from playing games with him and taking him on a day-out, one can also read books with him or for him. The parent gets to evaluate the child’s interest and reading skills and the kid also gets inspired watching the parent read.

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