Three Signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

Three Signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

Three Signs you are not ready to be in a relationship

Many just get into a relationship soon after a break-up with their ex and in the time when they may not ready to be in a relationship. But in that moment, your judgement gets clouded in a bid to move on and replace your partner which in turn hurts your ex.

Three Signs you aren’t ready to be in a relationship

You’re still not over your ex: Post break-up, one unknowingly keeps track of their ex for a while as it takes time to move on. Sometimes you would like to share your troubles with your ex but due to the break up, it is hard to do so. Few even try to patch up but fail to succeed. However, jumping into a new relationship immediately after you end a relationship will result in both getting hurt.

You are not ready to give up on the partying lifestyle: Being in a relationship is not a small thing. You have to sacrifice many things for your partner's happiness and adapt according to him/her if you seriously are in love with them. Sometimes, you may want to attend a party sans your partner but if it becomes a habit, then the trouble arises. Both have to step down in order to avoid misunderstandings and lead a healthy relationship.

You are focusing on yourself: After break-up, everyone focuses on their lifestyle to know the reasons that let to the split. As we all know, it is good to learn from mistakes but you should also move on and accept the present relationship who is interested in a future with you.

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