Sathya Sai Baba sayings on Love

Sathya Sai Baba sayings on Love

Be like Jesus. Jesus was a person whose only joy was in spreading Divine Love, offering Divine Love, receiving Divine Love, and living on Divine

Be like Jesus. Jesus was a person whose only joy was in spreading Divine Love, offering Divine Love, receiving Divine Love, and living on Divine

What is true Love? Pure, unselfish Love towards all living beings, considered as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love

Love does not seek anything in return. Love knows only to give, not to receive. Such Love is free from fear. These are the basic features of true Love

That which does not change is only one -- it is Love. All relationships come and go - all are passing clouds. Only one thing is permanent, and this is Divine Love

Love is of two kinds: natural love is one which expects something in return. Divine Love expresses itself in loving service without expectation of any return

Love alone equals Love. Love is the result of Love. Love is the taste of Love. Love makes no differences or distinctions between 'mine' and 'thine.' It is extremely selfless

Life itself is Love. They are not two, but one. Love is the very nature of life, as burning is the nature of fire, or wetness of water, or sweetness of sugar. Love is the fruit of life

Only the Love that is unchanging and shines brightly always in the heart is true Love. It is unaffected by joy or sorrow, praise or blame

Love as thought is Truth. Love as action is Righteousness. Love as feeling is Peace. Love as understanding is Non-violence. Love is the common denominator

Expansion is Life. Expansion is the essence of Love. Love is every urging and surging for expression and enlargement. Love is God. Live in Love.

God is Love -- Full of Love, the Embodiment of Love, the Splendor of Love. God is where Love is -- Love expressed as sympathy, charity, reverence, affection, sacrifice

Prema (Divine Love) is God, God is Prema. Prema has no trace of selfishness; it is not bound by motives. Prema is the crucial support, for it is the very breath, the sole purpose of life

Where exactly does God reside? God is everywhere in all beings. Really speaking, God is Love, and Love pervades everywhere. There is no being without a trace of Love

Like the glow of the flame in a fire, like the rays of the sun, like waves in the ocean, Divine Love is the basic quality of a true human being

Love is present equally in all human beings as the one effulgent Divine quality. This Love may be expressed in different ways, but its nature is the same

God is Love dwelling in your hearts; so the Kingdom of heaven is within you. When you realize this truth, your life will sing the music of Love

God is bound to you by the closest bonds of Love. God is the nearest, the dearest, the most loving, the most eager companion and kinsman for man

Love towards God must be witnessed by Love towards man, for man is the visible manifestation of God. Love is in all. Love is of all. Love is all

Love alone can reveal the Divinity latent in all. Love is God. Live in Love. Love! Love! Become what you truly are -- the embodiment of Love
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