Challenging destiny… Can we?
Challenging destiny… Can we?

The human mind generally tends to anticipate and accommodate itself with destined forthcoming outcomes. In fact, it focuses more on destiny than what’s happening now. With this one word ‘destiny’ you, in a way, try to define and limit your life. Your mind tries its best to know what will happen in the future. 

This tiring and distressing mental struggle is further exacerbated by others around you. Parents, friends and professionals jump into it. Fortune tellers and chart readers systematically and sometimes accurately predict a few events of your life. The perplexed and lost mind starts re-adjusting with what is foretold.

Many start visiting spiritual masters or realised beings to know more about their life. Unfortunately, many believers are misguided or disappointed. Somehow, true knowledge is missing for people to access and absorb solutions for their worries. It happens when spiritual knowledge is delivered as a product of the company. 

Discrimination between the real and unreal is compromised, causing more confusion and complications for seekers and beginners. The most confused lesson of life is about karma and the associated destiny factor. Hence, let us simplify and understand this concept well.

Consider a petrol station as your total karma and the petrol filled in your car as your destiny. With a fully filled petrol tank, you can travel to your desired location. Your mind, as a driver, will know the destination and will help you reach there. Hence, in simple terms, destiny is the result of the past. Karmas are the recorded and ongoing actions of one’s journey and in the time dimension, they flow from the past to the future.

In the name of destiny, the ignorant mind may limit itself, blaming the self or others. It misses the opportunity of using free will to explore and enjoy the journey. Out of fear of not losing the focus of the destination, one may not exercise the power of free will. 

The ignorant mind may restrain itself from evolving on this beautiful and spiritually rewarding planet. However, it is always the individual’s choice to practice what they feel is right. Life does carry something from the past, which are only a few karmic points. To scale it for your understanding, it is only 20 percent of your entire life.

Somehow, you design your life only around this figure and forget that you have a further 70 percent to enjoy under the privilege of free will. You could have done or can productively do better in life with this knowledge. Erase your past that is lingering in the mind, look at what you have at the present time and work with it. Don’t worry about destiny factor, those who predict, can only do so up to 20 percent. With your dedication and relentless efforts, pre-fixed events can also be changed if you really need to. 

Hence, destined events are also changeable. Hereon, do not blame your destiny, if you want to, then blame your efforts. Today is the day which gives you immense opportunity to change your life and there is absolutely nothing which can stop you from doing so, not even your destiny.

(Dadashree, the Maitri Mission)

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