Ghee for life positive

Ghee for life positive

Ghee For Life Positive. GHEE! It is the Indians’ royal, traditional and most loved ingredient of all cuisines.

Ghee is lactose free and reduces plasma LDL Cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol

GHEE! It is the Indians’ royal, traditional and most loved ingredient of all cuisines. A dollop of ghee, even today, is welcome on all hot dishes before eating. The aroma, the softness it gives and the flavour are certainly enjoyable. Organic ghee is even superior. Ghee is even quite simply made at home.

My grandmother always said “ghee nahi kaoage to chamdi sukh jayegi” (Without ghee in your food your skin will dry). It’s scientifically also true. For Vitamin A which is for your hair, eyes and skin you need fat to absorb it. When it is a good quality fat even better.

But yes! Nutrition, research and our lifestyles have awakened us on the usage of fats. Fats are needed in a balanced way as it provides energy, is vital brain food. Hard to believe? True, ghee contains fatty acids which are the building blocks for the membranes of every cell in our bodies. What about fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K? Ghee is needed to absorb and retain these vitamins. Vitamin E is a heart friendly and for that absorption ghee is needed.

Ghee is lactose free and reduces plasma LDL Cholesterol, which is a bad cholesterol. If you have a cholesterol problem, use ghee in moderation. It is rich with antioxidants feeding all layers of body tissue and serving to strengthen the immune system. Ghee has medicinal value - high concentration of butyric acid, a fatty acid that contains anti-viral properties, which inhibits the growth of cancerous tumours.

Ayurveda specialist cannot stop raving about ghee! The ultimate sattvic food! And it should be cow’s ghee! It produces beauty, removes headache, helps sooth acidity, indigestion, and gives vital fire to your body. Ghee is untainted food; mythology says that a few centuries ago, saints had the strength and digestion to drink a bowl of ghee. Ghee has a sacred role in Vedic and Hindu rituals, for anointments, yagnas, and the principal fuel for the lighting the sacredlamp .

Our age old scriptures the ‘Charaka Samhita’ (Old text of Ayurveda), the Rig Veda, all embody ghee as a pure and a rich ingredient. Till today it’s a mark of wealth. Oh! Food cooked in asli ghee.

Ghee has many therapeutic qualities- for burns, blisters, wounds, even alcoholism. It is said to have anti-cancer (due to Vitamin E and A) and anti-viral properties due to its anti inflammatory qualities. Haldi ghee in hot water is used for a bad throat. Piles and constipation- ghee daily keeps your stools soft and ghee also prevents from joint pains. It contains no trans fats or hydrogenated fats. It is a good quality of saturated fat which is needed in small quantities daily. Ghee is an excellent preservative, retaining the freshness of ingredients mixed with it.

Ghee is safer than butter and has more nutritional use than oil. It is the ideal fat for deep frying as its smoking point is well above other vegetable oils. Ghee is delectable in myriad ways. Of course having a small quantity only retains the charm and longing for it always. Indians and Ghee, hard to not get tempted.

(The writer is a Mumbai-based

nutritionist, obesity and health consultant)

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