Elegant & beautiful Kitchens

Elegant &  beautiful Kitchens

Kitchens should be practical and functional but also smart and beautiful as you spend a lot of time here. Of late, it is the most used room for...

Kitchens should be practical and functional but also smart and beautiful as you spend a lot of time here. Of late, it is the most used room for cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking and even socialising with close friends.

An island for a modern touch
Having an island adds additional worktop surface to a kitchen and can be used to keep appliances and can be used for extra storage. It provides space for informal eating.

L-shaped kitchen
A lot of people like to have an L-shaped layout as it maximises your corner space as well as lets you combine your kitchen and dining area. But ensure that you face your guests while cooking so you can talk and socialise too.

Peninsula layout
This helps you to convert an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen. It gives you an informal dining space. Having a peninsula instead of an island is wonderful if you are cramped for space.

U-shaped kitchen
This is very practical and gifts you maximum storage space in a smaller kitchen as you can have cupboards and units on three walls of the kitchen. A U-shape design means that your sink, fridge and hob are close to each other.

Layout on single wall
In small apartments, a single wall kitchen layout is the optimum way to save place. Having your kitchen laid out on one wall means that you can use the place in the rest of your room for chairs and a dining table.

This is good for small spaces as it has parallel worktops and units with an area to walk in the centre. It gives you an efficient use of space and is the preferred layout for many celebrity chefs.

6-foot rule
Arrange your fridge, stove and sink no more than 6ft apart. This will make your space usage optimum and least tiring.

Kitchen triangle
Experts call the sink, stove and refrigerator the kitchen triangle. This area witnesses the most kitchen activity and should not be obstructed. You should have easy access to the sink, stove, refrigerator, as well as your counter space and kitchen appliances.

Utilise kitchen space
The average kitchen stores a lot of things like food processors and mixers. Built-in cupboards can be expensive and your kitchen may well be small but do include the maximum storage that you can afford.

If your kitchen is small, get extra-long top cabinets. These can even be installed over the refrigerator as not using this area is a waste of storage space for large or seasonal kitchen items.

Good lighting
The kitchen is the place that should be lit up the best for safety as well as to add some atmosphere to your kitchen. You need good lighting while using sharp knives and appliances. A well-lit kitchen looks good too. Use spotlights in areas of most use. Add lights directly above the kitchen platform.

Kitchens should be well ventilated
Good ventilation is a must to clear strong food odours. Getting a good chimney is a must to clear stale air in the kitchen and make your time spent there more pleasant. Invest in the most expensive ventilation system that you can afford if your kitchen opens to a living area or family room.

A well laid out kitchen can be a real joy to work in. Children can do their school homework here if the place is well lit and has a table fitted in the workspace. Friends that drop in can have coffee and a quick bite right there in the kitchen. A little advance planning goes a long way here.

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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