Microwave Magic?

Microwave Magic?

Yes, it sure seems magical that in seconds we can heat something! So much time and effort saved, simply by the click of a button! Well, let’s uncover...

Yes, it sure seems magical that in seconds we can heat something! So much time and effort saved, simply by the click of a button! Well, let’s uncover the magic. A microwave works by sending electromagnetic waves through the food.

This in turn causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate, resulting in friction, which causes the heat. It sounds simple, but this act actually strips food of it’s nutrition. This is just one reason why we should avoid ‘fast’ food….

We are creatures of habit, and if a microwave is part of your daily routine, it may be tough to avoid it. The best bet would be just to remove it from your kitchen.

Another solution could be to cut off the wire, and you have an extra cabinet to store your stuff! It takes no more than a day to re-adjust back to how we cooked or heated our food all the years before the microwave! Use a steamer to reheat rice. Invest in a conventional oven or an electric kettle to heat the water.

Read on to find out why you must bid good-bye to the microwave…... destroy Vitamin B-12

There is so much stress on supplementing vitamin B12 especially since lack of the same can be quite detrimental. All forms of microwaves including the mobile phone destroy vitamin B12. That’s why there is such a high rate of deficiency these days.

...create carcinogens in food
When one heats food wrapped or placed in plastic in the microwave, one can create carcinogens in the food. Carcinogens cause cancer, which is becoming increasingly common these days.

... can change blood makeup and heart rate
Researchers have found that food eaten vide a microwave results in reduction of red blood cells with the white cell levels increasing along with cholesterol levels. Also the high radiation emitted by microwave ovens, cause immediate and dramatic changes in the heart rate.
It is proven that heating breastmilk in a microwave destroys the antibodies in it.

Radiation leakage
Long-used microwaves, where the door doesn’t seal well result in radiation leakage in the kitchen which can be harmful. Also standing too close to the microwave can have an effect.

Yes, there is something called Microwave Sickness
Prolonged exposure to microwave radiation results in symptoms like visual disturbances, weakening of the immune system and more.

The food just doesn’t taste the same
Isn’t it? Since the heating is uneven, the food tends to have hot and cold spots and some items become sticky or rubbery. Food cooked normally surely tastes better.

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