For pain-free sleep

For pain-free sleep

The lower-back region, specifically around the waist and the pelvic area, is vulnerable to a variety of disorders, mostly because it handles...

The lower-back region, specifically around the waist and the pelvic area, is vulnerable to a variety of disorders, mostly because it handles tremendous pressure as it works to give the body posture and balance. Various important nerve junctions also pass through it, and the region is the origin of pain and numbness for various acute pinched nerve problems such as sciatica.

From throbbing lower back pain problems to pain in the muscles, joints or shoulder blades, our backs often resemble war-ravaged sites with various areas developing their own set of niggles, with varying scales of concern. While inflammatory back pain (IBP) also known as spondyloarthritis is often considered a Bermuda Triangle of medical science, one of the significant reasons that has been found as a possible explanation to this ailment is sleep disorders.

Let us take an example. A working mother, 45 years of age, suddenly started developing throbbing back pains early in the morning which made even getting out of bed difficult. While doctors initially thought lifting heavy weights or bending down too much during the entire day might be the possible causes along with ageing, even 2 weeks of bed rest did not manage to heal her.

A quick research of her sleeping posture, and finally the condition of her mattress, quickly revealed an interesting insight - Her more than 11 year old mattress had sagged and worn out at different places, which forced her to sleep in an awkward, fetal position with frequent tossing and turning, This led to her eventual disorder and relentless back-pain, apart from being constantly irritable due to a lack of sleep.

The importance of creating ideal sleeping conditions cannot be emphasized enough for a good night’s rest in today’s day and age. A variety of sleep-health products, such as sleep lamps, aromatic candles, comfortable bed linen etc. have taken the sleep industry by storm in the recent years.

Even the criminally ignored mattress, often being constantly in use for more than a decade, has recently come under the spotlight. Preventing sleep disorders from occurring by using comfortable sleep products and identifying such ailments early to take necessary action goes a long way in ensuring uninterrupted hours of peaceful slumber, a necessity to see dreams that inspire you to wake up!

By: Ankit Garg,
Founder & CEO, Wakefit

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