Feeling low to the state of happiness

Feeling low to the state of happiness

Why get surprised when you are feeling low; we accumulate so much knowingly or unknowingly from people, events, circumstances, etc every moment,...

Why do people feel low?
Why get surprised when you are feeling low; we accumulate so much knowingly or unknowingly from people, events, circumstances, etc every moment, minute, hour and day. When the mind gets saturated with all negatives it just doesn’t want to hear or speak anything other than some fresh air of positive perspectives.

Is there a way to come out of that state?
Firstly, the fact that you are feeling low needs to be accepted by you. Only then you can start believing that you need something to soothe your being. Once you accept that, next is to find, what you can do after that.

Read, listen or talk immediately and believe that the positive light is creeping in and pushing out the darkness seamlessly from within you. Say to yourself, "I am getting soothed by everything which is coming my way. I will start to feel better soon. My mind is making way for my cheerful and happy state."

Some people say it’s the state of denial. They say speaking always positive means befooling you that there is no negative right now; while the fact remains that the situation is not the one close to positive. Remember, unless you feel you need to change your state of mind, your mind does not get willing to move to in that state so it is important to accept that you need a change in your state of mind.

Is it practical to think that though one is not feeling good he should speak something positive only then it will work?
People call it, “Being philosophical” but I call it a treatment for the hour. People stop and deny accepting any preaching’s because they don’t trust the pure medicine coming from the universe at the right time to a right person. Closed doors can only be knocked. Only open doors allow the light to come in, in the form of healing words and thoughts.

So what can be done to reach the state of happiness?
Think about some great event or achievement. The state of happiness will come soon. Every erroneous zone which is created by us can be neutralised only by our receptivity towards some positive listening, reading, doing and thinking.

So then how does the mind work?
Well, it is extremely important that we accept firstly that something needs to be corrected and something has to be directed towards an action to correct the situation or state of mind. Once the acceptance is there only then the direction of action can be ascertained.

Believing in the very fact every time that something needs to be changed or corrected is completely in our hands and this simply means that –

"You are the owner of your happiness and state of mind".
“You choose your mood. You choose your happiness and peace over all other things.”
“It’s always your prerogative which makes way to your thought process.”

If you believe in this fact of your capability, of being a king in command, to choose your happiness and place your trust on the fact that the same only but shall come to you; it shall come to you. It will then enable you to do something which makes you feel better. You may choose to work on different things which might help you to achieve your state of happiness faster.

Do you always reach the perfect solution to happiness with this?
Well, how would you reach a perfect solution every time will depend on how intelligently and honestly you have understood about yourself. If you believe that the solution lies within you then only that belief will make you reach faster and effortlessly. Your happiness does not lie in what people do with you or how events happen around you. Your happiness purely lies within yourself regardless of anything else around so you are the only one hope to change it.

Can you explain with a practical illustration?
Of course, let’s take an example you had a bad day after some hard argument with your boss. You just feel irritated and disgusted about the whole thing. You are feeling awful and know that you are feeling so. The three questions you need to ask to yourself at that time is -

Are you feeling really bad?
Would you want to continue feeling that way or would want to feel better?
Are you ready to make an effort to do whatever it takes to feel better?
If all the above questions are answered in yes then you are not far from changing your state. Just by doing three simple steps you can get into the mode of feeling better and then peaceful and then happy. You must do three things to come out of that state of mind.

Do something you love to do. Listen to music if you are a music lover, read something good and interesting, dance if you like to dance, spend some time doing something with your friends or anything else that would bring a smile on your face.

Forgive yourself and that person and call it a hard moment that passed and affirms that the relationship still will be wonderful for both of you as you both are matured. Make a good affirmation in front of a mirror saying "I have a wonderful relationship with my boss and we always have a good time working with each other. I trust him/her and he/she trusts me."

Go to him/her in person and initiate a dialogue and if you find him/her difficult tell that "Let’s agree to disagree on some points and drop this topic, for now, to bring some smiles and smile at him/her.”

Trust me this works wonders if you do this without thinking that it is difficult to do even if you may sometimes not feel like doing this rest are all excuses.

If you really want to bring back your happiness and peace then this is the only way. So do it without giving yourself an excuse and you will be surprised at the outcome of this? This principle practically applies to every situation where your state of mind is affected.

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