Enhance your beauty naturally

Enhance your beauty naturally

Has your skin lost its sheen due to wrinkles, acne, dryness, pollution, and regular exposure to the sun Besides it, daily intake of sugary drinks,...

Has your skin lost its sheen due to wrinkles, acne, dryness, pollution, and regular exposure to the sun? Besides it, daily intake of sugary drinks, junk food and processed food and unhealthy lifestyle is also leading to dull and lifeless looking skin. Your skin is a reflection of your overall health. The beauty of the skin is that you can affect it from both inside and out.

Beauty products infused with fresh fruits and vegetable work wonders for our skin when used externally.The outer skin of fruits and vegetables are full of flavour and vitamins which enhances the attractiveness and gives the skin a healthy look.

Fruits and vegetables contain whole-food ingredients, which provides natural protection to the skin from the sun, environmental pollution, smoke, insects and other damage and reduce puffiness, erase redness, smooth wrinkles.

Fruits are nature’s most inexpensive, natural, organic beauty enhancers which will leave your skin feeling fresh, and looking clean and positively glowing. Fruit facials are quick and easy for healthier skin tone and cost-effective and natural which offers guaranteed results.

Indian gooseberries provide protection from UV rays, a cooling watermelon mask provides smoother skin, and papaya can be applied for a better complexion. Eat or use bananas topically to erase the wrinkles and munch on fleshy strawberries to reverse ageing.

Fruits and vegetables have been traditionally used for beauty care. Nutritionally speaking, of course, fruits and vegetables are imperative for good health. They contain valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements, which keep the body healthy and free from disease. They are not only beneficial for health, but also for beauty care. Fruits and vegetables can be externally applied on the skin, for their beneficial and healing actions.

The vitamins and minerals nourish the skin, while enzymes help to cleanse the skin of dead cells. This has a renewing and revitalising effect. Vegetables and fruits also contain antioxidants, apart from their healing properties.

Antioxidants help to fight oxidation damage by free radicals, thus delaying the manifestation of ageing signs on the skin. Vegetables and fruit extracts have been used in formulations for skin and hair care. This is because they have particular benefits for the skin and hair.

For instance, cucumber is a powerful skin toner, helping to refine the pores and refresh the skin. It is also a natural coolant. This too has a refreshing effect and also soothes the skin. It helps to soothe sun damaged skin too.

In fact, cucumber improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Cucumber has been used in skin-toners and also in products for the delicate skin around the eyes. It helps dark circles, as it lightens skin colour over a period of time.

Potato is particularly beneficial for the delicate skin around the eyes. It helps to revitalise the skin, remove puffiness and dark circles and prevent blemishes.

Carrot and cabbage are rich in Vitamins A and E. They are extremely nourishing for the skin and also keep the skin soft and firm. Vitamin E helps to improve the regeneration of new skin cells and reverse oxidation damage. They are also rich in minerals and protect the skin from rashes, eruptions and sensitivity. Creams with carrot seed and cabbage are today fastest moving product.

Apricot is a fruit that has been used in cosmetics. In fact, apricot kernel oil is extremely nourishing. Apricot is used in hand cream and also in a peel-off pack, as apricot has a toning and tightening effect on the skin. Lemon is also a powerful natural toner and cleanser.

It can be infused in cleansing creams and gels. Combined with turmeric, it has been formulated into an effective skin softening body care cream. Like lemon, Amla is rich in Vitamin C. In fact, Amla has traditionally been used in products for hair care. It nourishes and restores the normal acid-alkaline balance.

It also keeps the skin and scalp healthy. Amla based hair oils have been available for years in India. Amla-based hair cleansers, as well as hair conditioning powders and packs, have flooded the Indian market in recent years. Nature, in fact, is not only the best chemist but also an expert cosmetologist.

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