For a lively laundry area

For a lively laundry area

Whether you have a small laundry room or an expansive space, these tips are sure to pep up and organize any size and type of laundry room

Whether you have a small laundry room or an expansive space, these tips are sure to pep up and organize any size and type of laundry room.

Laundry Revamp
Laundry room decor doesn't have to sacrifice style for function. Savvy storage and design choices can yield a custom look that's all your own. Create a laundry room you'll love by painting the space a favorite color and hanging a few pieces of artwork.

Handsome Cabinetry
A single window once limited this laundry space's storage potential, but small cabinets came to the rescue. Without blocking out natural light, the upper cabinets add enough space to keep laundry supplies nice and tidy. A large laundry room countertop is the perfect spot for folding laundry. A tension rod in the center of the built-ins provides hanging space.

Small Laundry Room Ideas
Do you have a laundry room with a little layout? Just take a few cues from this small laundry room and your space will be stylish and storage-smart in no time. See how we use baskets and bins to organize supplies on a built-in laundry room countertop, plus open shelving to declutter clothing care items.

Stacked Solution
This compact mudroom had hardly any room for a laundry—until a space-saving solution put everything in its place. Stacking the washer and dryer cut space needed for laundry in half, giving storage and work space to the kitchen. Built-in closets and laundry room cabinets give narrow storage and a small counter space.

Eye-Catching Patterns
Striking wallpaper instantly defines a space, while looking trendy and playful. Choose a pattern that matches your color scheme for an effortless way to accent your laundry room's decor. A white and blue floral design keeps with the white shelves and appliances, and a piece of colorful art adds character to the efficient laundry room.

Multipurpose Zone
This handsome haven is more than just a laundry room it's also a handy gift-wrapping area. A wood table provides plenty of room for folding clothes or wrapping gifts. Closed cabinets enable storage for project supplies such as paper, ribbon, bows, and scissors. Open shelving in the corner keeps laundry supplies close at hand.

Compact Solutions
Barn doors are one of our favorite laundry room door ideas for small spaces. Sliding orange barn doors provide a seamless transition from one room to another in this laundry room design idea. By using sliding doors, there is less space taken up by swung-open doors or folded accordion doors. Thoughtful touches like ceiling-mount lighting make the space feel less like a closet and more like a small-scale laundry room.

Sorting Bins
Look for laundry room accessories like baskets, bins, boxes, shelves, and cubbies for the ultimate organization. Rolling wire laundry bins make sorting simple and effective. They roll easily under a long countertop, and wire shelves about hold supplies or delicate items. This setup also takes up no extra floor space a real plus in a small area laundry room layout.

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