Churn freshly at home

Churn freshly at home

When you compare commercial vs homemade in any product, homemade is always better This holds true for all products as there was a time in India when...

When you compare commercial v/s homemade in any product, homemade is always better. This holds true for all products as there was a time in India when everything was homemade and there was no question of consuming ready to eat butter, yoghurt and buttermilk. Today, however, we find readymade butter, yoghurt and buttermilk in tetra packs and one does not even give a thought before we pick it up to add in our daily meals.

Let me tell you one thing. Homemade is homemade. The taste, the quality, the freshness is unbelievable. When it is homemade they all have naturally fantastic properties to help give a far better improvement to the human body, be it the immunity system, lubrication for the joints or even aiding digestion than any commercial product would. No wonder today fresh, natural home products sell for a premium price. So, let’s not give up the practice of making these products from scratch in your kitchens.

The quality of the milk used in making these products at home is completely and totally in your hands. You have the option, which I always do, to choose good quality milk. I strongly advise one to use cow’s milk. You could further enhance health by choosing grass fed, organic milk.

Let me share common knowledge with you that yoghurt made at homewill be thinner than a store-bought one, which is made in a plant. However, the homemade one will be smooth on the tongue and refreshing especially if it is not refrigerated. It would not need any sweetener or salt added to it to enhance its flavour. Consuming this little pot of curd will give your gut with more than enough bacteria to boost your immunity. Buttermilk, the thirst quenching probiotic digestive cooling drink made from fresh yoghurt is just absolutely satiating for the body.

Store-bought butter milk just does not have the same effect as freshly churned buttermilk does. In our country making buttermilk from yoghurt, which is made daily is not rocket science. This is a practice that is done in every household. What is shocking is the affluent that have all the help are choosing to buy packaged. A lot of these packaged buttermilks are high in sodium and that too not natural sodium.

Most of us have forgotten what homemade butter tastes and looks like. Commercial butter unlike homemade butter known asmakkhan has added colour, salt, and other chemicals and preservatives to solidify it for easy packaging. So, the white butter which is homemade which can improve your immune system, regulate your hormones, protect your vision, boost metabolism, increase brain function, reduce chances of heart disease and blood pressure, and protect you from cancer is loses a lot of its properties when it is made in a plant. So, if possible why not shift to fresh homemade butter, yoghurt and buttermilk.

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