Every day is a challenge: Anchor Ravi

Every day is a challenge: Anchor Ravi

Anchor Ravi, who made his acting debut in the film Idi Maa Prema Katha in 2017 has now ventured into the digital platform with the web series Chitra...

Anchor Ravi, who made his acting debut in the film ‘Idi Maa Prema Katha’ in 2017 has now ventured into the digital platform with the web series ‘Chitra Vichitram’. The light-hearted comedy series, which was released recently on Zee5, has Manoj Tanneru and Apoorva Srinivasan in pivotal roles along with Ravi.

Excerpts from an interview

How different was it working for a web series?
I would say it is a similar. This web series was shot as a movie, it was not an episode wise shoot and then we edited it into 10 different episodes. We just released the series and if people like it looking at the feedback we will start off with the second season.

You have started your career hosting shows and then acted in a movie and now web series what is that you want to do next?
I want to try everything which would put me on the screen and let me perform and showcase my talent. I still a lot to do. It does feel good because I never thought that I would be in this field doing something because no one from my family is part of the industry. It was a herculean task for me to reach this point of my career as my family was not okay with me getting into this field as they are very conservative. They wanted me to join the Indian Army because my father is an ex-army man. It was very difficult to convince him.

Only my mother and sister were my pillars of support as they loved watching me dance, however, my father was averse to the idea of dancing in front of people. One day I asked him to give me two years and told him, if I tasted success only then will I join the field, or I would do anything he would tell me to. I told him that if he advises me to sell goods in a kirana store I would be ready to do it, if I fail. And those two years were harsh on me as he stopped talking to me. However, as after every storm, there is a silver lining now my father is proud of me and the work I do.

Who has been your inspiration?
It is hands down Mega Star Chiranjeevi in the industry. I used to read a lot of Bhagat Singh’s books and because of his attitude, he is my favourite freedom fighter. I love APJ Abdul Kalam because he said don’t accept failure. Once upon a time I was zero. After my B Tech, I couldn’t do anything because I scored 49 per cent. For two years I was at home doing nothing when all my friends were working elsewhere. I was a failure, but I never gave up because I knew that there is something in me which would bring me up there. Since my childhood I was inclined towards acting and being energetic my focus was on Chiranjeevi garu.

There is nothing negative that comes from him and he maintains his dignity. I would love to act with him even if it is a small role-of some one who gives him a cup of tea and says ‘Babu garu tagandi’ I would love to do so (laughs).

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