AdSigma will be Instigating a Revolution in  Digital Display Advertising Using Blockchain
AdSigma will be Instigating a Revolution in Digital Display Advertising Using Blockchain

Advertising, if done right can help an organization maximize its ROI.  Comparing the statistics of a decade about the market size of digital ads, it has grown from being a $20 billion in 2008 to $230 billion in 2017.

The digital marketing space is being dominated by the top 4 such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing; the domination is such that they accounted for $200 billion market size combined in 2017.

As we are talking about recent trends, one thing that has come up as a surprise is that of Facebook and Google banning ads related to CryptoCurrency.

This move left a hole in Digital ads industry and provided an opportunity for startups to open up on an idea.

Thus, the opportunity was taken by Suumit Shah as he founded a company called AdSigma on 25th December 2017.

The team consists of 8 members, and they get advised by Blockchain and Influencer Marketing experts from all around the globe.

ADSigma works on an architecture which you won’t find being used by any other AD Network. Let’s see how this method works and how it’s revolutionary.

After an Advertiser creates an account on AdSigma, all the information provided by the Advertiser goes into many relayers (a storage item). There are lots of Advertisers and Publishers on AdSigma’s network.

So when a user visits a publisher’s blog, AdSigma’s SDK connects to the relayer’s which contains the information of the Advertiser. The SDK then picks the best matching Ad from the relayers. This way the advertisement is only displayed on the most relevant page of the website.

IFPS (InterPlanetary File System) stores all the assets. InterPlanetary File System is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system.

Adsigma SDK fetches all the assets. The Publisher writes the claim on the blockchain.

Blockchain technology is like the internet in that which has built-in robustness.

Many people have already predicted - “ Blockchain technology the new Internet.”

This type of technology makes AdSigma very different. Smart contract verifies the proof of the claim. It then transfers the ADSi tokens to the publishers. This way the system is very secure.

The Advertiser has the option to verify the transactions; we don’t have anything hidden from the Publisher as well as Advertiser. They can also match the data with their tracking data.

Furthermore, Advertiser can also give their feedback about the publisher through ratings or any other method. This way both Publisher and Advertiser are satisfied with the whole process.

AdSigma has to be the best platform currently to promote your services or products. As a publisher, if you have the traffic, then you have a great chance to earn more from the same traffic.

The ad network is coming up with a token sale to raise a round of capital, and its Presale starts on 5th April 2018

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