Review on Apple iPhone XR

Review on Apple iPhone XR

Apple managed to create a lot of buzz about this device and also kept it mysterious Due to this, it was able to overshadow the new handsets of iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple managed to create a lot of buzz about this device and also kept it mysterious. Due to this, it was able to overshadow the new handsets of iPhone XS and XS Max.

We are here to tell you about the strengths and weaknesses which will enable you to make a decision on this new handset on the day of launch.

Looks and specifications

The white handset 256GB variant, if you go on the initial looks it may look very dull and normal, but actually, it looked very sober. The variants in white colour may not top the sales list when compared to the Red, Blue, Coral Red and Yellow models we have in option. However, you cannot resist their elegance and sophistication the handset is carrying when enclosed in a glass body with a silver aluminium frame, which only possibly Apple can pull off.

If you have handled an iPhone X earlier you may feel this aluminium frame a bit cheaper — as the second flaunts an elegant, polished stainless steel frame. Even if you say that the brand has used a cheaper metal, still it won’t get scratch easily and feels cheap in no way. Needless to say, iPhone XR too is the finest device and it’s the same metal that Apple has been using till now.

To make this iPhone (XR) affordable and cheaper, Apple has cut corners in costs like the LCD display instead of OLED, aluminium frame instead of steel, a single camera instead of dual, and a few things here and there.


The XR flaunts a larger display of 6.1 inches when compared to iPhone XS and bit smaller than the most expensive iPhone to exist— the iPhone XS Max. If you are planning to move from an iPhone 6S/7/8 or X, the transition will be absolutely smooth. It’s the perfect size for whoever wants the best of both between the X/XS and XS Max.

The iPhone X features a notch for the TrueDepth camera equipped with the Face ID and other important sensors and removed the Home button.

Apple has used a Liquid Retina LCD display in place of an OLED display. Which makes iPhone XR much better than those found on older LCD iPhones, the content appears much crisper and sharper.


A feature 3D Touch that you would really miss on the iPhone. Apple forfeited this feature to house the edge-to-edge display and replaced it with Haptic Touch. But if you haven’t used 3D Touch earlier, then this will not make any difference. Haptic Touch is nothing but it’s basically a vibration that is felt when you press long on options like the flashlight or camera.

The iPhone XR performance is very similar to the XS series. It uses the same A12 Bionic processor found on the XS and XS Max. It comes with 3GB of RAM as compared to the iPhone XS’ 4GB RAM


The only major difference between the iPhone XS and the XR is the lack of a dual-camera setup on the rear. The iPhone XR has a single rear camera which Apple says is the best one on an iPhone yet and can do a similar job as the dual-lens setup from the X and XS series. It has been made possible using a single wide-angle lens system and Apple’s camera software trickery. The Bionic chip makes up for the secondary camera and works wonders just like Google Pixel.

The 12MP camera of iPhone XR’s is a complete bliss. XR is able to capture better portrait shots in low light when compared to the XS series. This is with the help of larger f/1.8 aperture on its wide-angle lens. The XR’s 7MP front-facing camera is also top notch, and it is similar to XS and XS Max.


Apple’s use of the LCD display has also affected the battery life on the XR for the better. Powering an OLED display puts more stress on the battery as compared to LCD displays. So, with the compromise in display hardware, the trade-off is longer battery life — which Apple refers to as all-day battery and claims almost 1.5 hours more than what the iPhone 8 Plus with the larger battery offers.


The iPhone XR aspires at first-time iPhone buyers and those who want to switch from Android to iPhone. Not many users using the iPhone X would shift to the iPhone XR, in spite of having a better processor, the basic reason is if you are used to an OLED display, it’s difficult to go back to LCD.

But if you’re using an Android phone and want shift another side, the iPhone XR is a great idea. You will have a processor that no Android can match it, you get an accomplished – albeit LCD – display and a camera deliver impressive performance.

The iPhone XR will not be impressed with its looks. People will flock to buy a ‘cheap’ iPhone. Apple is targeting that group of customers who have ‘always wanted an iPhone’ or those who haven’t changed their iPhones for a long time. Apple iPhone XR stands out as a less-fancier but a very good iPhone.

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