Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) today launched a digital literacy programme named ‘Telangana Digithon’ partnership with Ministry of IT - Telangana Government in JNTUH UGC Auditorium. Telangana State Planning Commission Vice-Chairman Mr. Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Chevella MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, State IT Secretary Mr. Jayesh Ranjan inaugurated the Telangana Digithon. 


TITA’s ‘Telangana Digithon’ is aimed at narrowing the digital literacy gap that persists in Telangana State by providing digital literacy trainers called ‘Digital Leaders’ with an easy-to-use platform for digital training and generously share their knowledge and experience with learners all over the state who desire a better livelihood in this digital world. Digital Leaders will follow a fully-developed curriculum to teach.

Each ‘Digital Leader’ will receive a certification and will choose a specific area of the community to work with. TITA has targeted to prepare 10000 Digital Leaders in its first phase. Three Hundred students from School of Information Technology – JNTUH are the first batch who enrolled to receive ‘Telangana Digithon’ training and Certification. 

“Through a statewide network of partners, the new Digital Literacy campaign ‘Telangana Digithon’ offers its access to various training centers across the state. This new initiative from TITA will provide people the opportunity to learn basic skills such as how to use a computer, Smartphone, navigate the web and processing a basic Internet transactions which helps to gain access to vital online resources like bill payment services, booking travel tickets and various ecommerce platforms. This initiative also prepares the people to participate in today's social and economic mainstream.” said TITA Founder & President Sundeep Kumar Makthala.

“We are proud to release this new platform designed for Digital Leaders who will be in a position to provide digital training to vulnerable populations.This diverse knowledge community that comes together for Digital Literacy mission enables us to engage as trainers in preparing people who are not connected to Digital Tools and platforms which improves their quality of living” said Makthala.

“There is a clear aspiration by Telangana Government to boost digital literacy and we are confident that our solutions and support will continue to play a central role in that process. Digital literacy is a key driver of workforce productivity, an enabler of economic development and often a gateway to employment." Said Mr. V. Prakash. 

“We are excited about the potential of ‘Telangana Digithon’ a new public education campaign powered by TITA which directly meets non-digital natives to enhance their natural skills where day-to-day needs are managed more efficiently.The start of this movement today is only the beginning and we're using social media and digital strategies to collect and share personal stories that will show the life-changing impact of the Internet on our lives.” Said V. Prakash

NDLM repesentative Raja Kishore, SIT Director Mr. Goverdhan, JNTUH Rector Mr. Kishan Reddy, TITA representatives Madhavi, Swamy Deva, Mohan Raidu, Vivek Boddam, Pradeep, Vijay Sriramula, Ram Kumar and others participated in the event. 

IT Secretary’s Mr. Jayesh Ranjan Message on Telangana Digithon

Conventional literacy programs have been mostly top-driven. There is a lot to learn from that experience and make digital literacy program a community based and demand-driven initiative. For this mobilising people and making them understand the need to be digitally literate is the key. TITA taking social responsibility to ensure this is highly appreciative.

IT Minister’s Mr. KT Ramarao Message on Telangana Digithon:

Digital telangana is one of the important goals of the state to create a knowledge economy and empower citizens. The aim of digital telangana is to ensure 'internet for all' on the supply side and 'to usher in digital democracy' on the demand side. TITA's initiative of Digithon is commendable and I wish them best to extend it's reach to the grass roots.