Scheduled Castes Development in Bangaru Telangana

Scheduled Castes Development in Bangaru Telangana

The Scheduled Castes Development Department is dedicated to the integrated and overall development of Scheduled Castes. The Scheduled Castes Population in Telangana is 54,32,680 (15.43%) out of the total population 3,51,93,978 as per 2011 Census.

The Scheduled Castes Development Department is dedicated to the integrated and overall development of Scheduled Castes. The Scheduled Castes Population in Telangana is 54,32,680 (15.43%) out of the total population 3,51,93,978 as per 2011 Census. Scheduled Castes Population in Rural area is 40,96,123(75.40%) and in Urban area is 13,36,557(24.60%). Literacy rate among SCs is 52.52%.


The main objectives of the Scheduled Caste Development Department are Educational advancement, Socio-economic development, Welfare and Protection of Scheduled Castes and implementation of programmes of Social Security like Homes for orphan children, Rehabilitation of Jogins, Bonded Labourers and Scavengers and House Sites to weaker sections. The objectives are being attended to by this Department through five wings.

The Commissionerate of Scheduled Caste Development is responsible for implementation of educational programmes through Hostels, Scholarships, implementation of Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, monitoring the progress in filling up of Backlog vacancies and monitoring of Scheduled Castes Sub- Plan.

The Telangana State Scheduled Castes Co-operative Finance Corporation is implementing Economic Development Programmes for the upliftment of Scheduled Castes.

The Telangana Scheduled Caste Residential Educational Institutions Society is administering the Residential Educational Institutions for quality education of SC girls and boys in the State.

The Telangana State Study Circle Organizes coaching programmes for competitive examinations for both Central and State Services through pre-examination training centers and Study Circle.

Protection of Civil Rights cell is responsible for implementing, monitoring and supervising the Protection of Civil Rights and Prevention of Atrocities in the State against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.


• Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana State.
• Financial assistance to Pre matric scholarships
• Financial assistance to Post Matric students.
• Financial assistance to study abroad (Ambedkar Overseas VidyaNidhi)
• Financial assistance to skill up gradation for professional graduates (GRE/GMAT/ TOEFL/IELTS Coaching).
• Financial assistance to study in reputed Junior colleges.
• Financial assistance to Pre-metric students
• Financial assistance to V to VIII class students
• Financial assistance to IX and X Class students
• Financial assistance to the children of un-clean occupations.
• Admissions in Best available schools
• Admissions in Hyderabad Public School.


• Maintenance of General hostels.
• Maintenance of Special hostels.
• Maintenance of Integrated hostels.
• Maintenance of college attached hostels

Community Halls

• Construction of Hostel buildings.
• Construction of Community Halls.
• Construction of Dr.AmbedkarBhavans.

Regulatory functions with regard to Implementation of Acts

i) PCR & POA Acts
ii) Bonded Labour Act.
iii) Joginis Act.
iv) Manual Scavenging Act.

Rule of Reservation.

Other Programmes:

• Financial Assistance to Advocates.
• Financial Assistance to Inter caste Married couples.
• Financial Assistance to SC Women under Kalyana Lakshmi
• Programme
• Land Acquisition for House sites to the weaker sections.
• Telangana Social Welfare Fund
• Erection of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar& Sri BabuJagjeevan Ram Statues
• Telangana Study Circle.
• Victoria Memorial Residential School
• SC/ST Commission
• Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP)


Government have provided BE of Rs163727.20 lakhs during FY 2015-16 for implementation of various schemes through Directorate of the SCDD under Plan, CASP and Non-Plan.


At present 780 Scheduled Castes Institutions are functioning under the control of Scheduled Cates Development Department during 2014-15 (Boys 575 and 205 Girls) in the state of Telangana with an admitted strength of 63597 students.

The admissions into Scheduled Castes Institutions are made as per Reservation prescribed (Scheduled Castes: 70%, Christian Converted from SCs: 12%, Backward Classes: 9%, Scheduled Tribes: 5% and Others: 4%) with the approval of Hostel Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of President, Mandal PrajaParishad.

Facilities provided to the Hostel Boarders:

Free lodging and boarding facilities are provided to these boarders. They are also provided with the following facilities:

• The Diet charges are paid @Rs.750/-P.M per boarder upto 7th class and @Rs.850/-P.M per boarder from 8th to 10th class.
• Cosmetic charges are paid @ Rs.50/- per month for boys and, Rs.55/-per month for girls upto VII Class and up to 11 years of age and Rs.75/- per month from Class VIII to X and above 11 years of age.
• Hair cut charges are being paid @Rs.12/- per boarder per month.
• Bedding materials @ of Rs.300/- per set (One Carpet and one Bed sheet) are being supplied. In addition trunk box, plate and glass are being provided to each boarder.
• Four pairs of dresses are being supplied to each hostel boarder along with stitching charges@ Rs.40/-per Pair.
• Special hostels are organized in each district ranging from 25 to 30 exclusively for the boarders of IX & X class. The special hostel boarders are provided with tutors with honorarium @Rs.1500 pm per subject to provide tuition in Math’s, Science, English and Hindi subjects.

Study material is also provided to achieve targeted results.

Online Hostel Management System is introduced in the SC Development Department to computerize all aspects of Hostel administration to ensure effective and close monitoring, to avoid misuse of funds and irregularities and to bring transparency and accountability in Management of Hostels. Bio-Matric attendance of Boarders, Purchases and all other issues are being monitor through online. All Hostel Bills namely Diet, Cosmetics, Rents, Wages, Other Office Expenses and Tutors honorarium are drawn online.

College Hostels

169 College hostels are functioning in Telangana. The admitted strength in the College Hostels is around 10000.Government provides electricity charges, house rent, water charges and scholarships while the students themselves maintain the mess through mess committees.

Infrastructure Development in Hostels

Construction of Hostel Buildings:

During the year 2014-15, Govt. have accorded permission for construction of (149) College Hostel Buildings with a total estimated cost is Rs.67.56 Crs. Out of which 85 buildings were grounded.

Construction of Integrated Welfare Hostel Complexes:

During the year 2014-15, 23 buildings were grounded.

Construction of Buildings for Hostels and Colleges in RIAD areas An amount of Rs. 0.82 Crores was spent during 2014-15 towards construction of hostel buildings under RIAD. For completion of on-going works budget of Rs.4.75Crores is provided in 2015-16 BE.


Post Matric Scholarships:

Financial Assistance is extended to all eligible Post-Matric students belonging to the Scheduled Castes at all levels of education. These scholarship amounts include maintenance charges of the students and all non-refundable fees payable to the institution. Government of India reimburses the amounts incurred in a year over and above the committed liability i.e. amount spent by the State Government during the last year of the previous Five Year Plan.

The procedure for sanction of Scholarships is made Online from the year 2008-09 vide G.O.Ms.No.143 SW(Edn.2) Dept., dt. 15-7-2008 over the last four years the system of sanction of Scholarships has been improvised by making it to totally online.

Financial Assistance for Studies Abroad

With a view to enable the benefit of higher education in foreign universities to meritorious SC students thereby providing them an opportunity for better career prospects abroad, Government introduced the scheme of Financial Assistance to SC Graduate students for pursuing P.G and Higher studies abroad under the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan 2013-14 vide G.O.Ms.No. 54 Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept dt.28.06.2013.

Under this scheme selected SC student shall be sanctioned Rs.10.00 (5.00 +5.00) lakhs grant in two installments. First installment of Rs5.00 lakhs on production of landing permit/I-94 i.e., immigration card and the second on production of 1st semester results. Besides above student shall be sanctioned on production of valid documents, one way passage grant (economy class) and total visa fee.

Skill Up gradation For Professional Graduates

The Government have taken a policy decision to provide financial assistance to SC students desirous of pursuing higher studies in Foreign Countries

Most of the SC students, due to their extreme backwardness, poor knowledge of English and other disabilities are often unable to perform up to the mark in the above said qualifying exams. Therefore, with a view to equip the students with requisite skills by providing them the benefit of coaching for the above exams it is proposed to facilitate coaching is being provided in TOEFL / IELTS / GRE / GMAT etc., in the existing & reputed coaching institutions to make possible admission of SC students in reputed foreign universities at professional courses like Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing etc and for PG Courses in Pure Sciences, Humanities, Social Studies etc., in reputed foreign universities by obtaining higher scores in the above said examinations.

Book Banks

Under the scheme of, Books are provided to Professional courses like (1) Post graduate courses in Medical, engineering, agriculture and veterinary (2) Law courses (3) Chartered accountancy (4) MBA, (5) Biosciences and similar courses. The cost ceiling per set is Rs.7,500/- for Degree Courses in Medical/Engineering, Rs.5,000/- for Degree Courses in Veterinary, Rs.4,500/- for Degree Courses in Agriculture and Rs.5,000/- for professional courses at PG level.

Pre-Metric Scholarships for Students Belonging To SCs StudyingClass V To VIII

To curb the high dropout rate among Scheduled Caste Children studying in primary and secondary education level, it is proposed to provide Scholarship @ Rs. 100/- per month for boys and Rs.150/- for girls for (10) months, from classes V to VIII in Government Schools.

Pre-Matric Scholarships For IX & X Classes (Rajiv VidyaDeewana)

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for SC students with 100% central assistance with the objective to support parents of SC children for education of their wards studying in classes IX and X, so that the incidence of drop-out, especially in the transition period from the elementary to the secondary stage is minimized.
Under the scheme, students studying in Govt. Schools shall be made eligible for payment of Pre-Matric Scholarships. It is proposed to provide Scholarship @ Rs. 150/- per month for (10) months both for boys and girls from classes IX and X in Government Schools. In addition, an amount of Rs.750/- is provided as adhoc grant per annum.

Hyderabad Public School

Under this scheme, SC students who are admitted in Hyderabad Public Schools at Begumpet, Ramanthapur in 1st class level and studying from 1st class to 12th class are provided with financial assistance of fee charged by the institutions ranging from Rs.45,000/- to Rs.2,40,000/- p.a per student depending on the class of study for both day scholars and hostellers. The Income limit under the scheme is Rs.65,000/- per annum in rural areas and Rs.75,000/- in urban areas. The scheme is administered online and admission is done through lottery.

Best Available Schools Scheme

The main aim of admission of SC students in Best Available Schools is to impart quality education to the SC students of classes V to X in order to enable them to withstand the competition on par with other students in general. The entry point is V class. Priority is given for the children of those belonging to the families of agricultural labourers, jogins, bonded labourers and orphans. Each student admitted under the scheme is sanctioned financial assistance up to Rs.20,000/- per year.

The Govt. have issued orders vide G.O.Ms.No.52, Social Welfare (Edn.) Department, dated 23.05.2014 introducing prematric scholarships to Scheduled Caste Students under the New Scheme Best Available Schools (Non-Residential Scheme) from the academic year 2014-15 with an intake of (100) students per district. The entry point is 1st class.

Scholarships to the Children of those engaged in Unclean Occupations

The parents of children who are engaged in unclean occupations do not take adequate care in educating their children. In order to promote education, the State Government is implementing the scheme of educational facilities to the children of those engaged in unclean occupations like tanning and flaying, families having traditional links with scavenging with matching grant from the Government of India. Under this scheme, Hostel accommodation and other educational facilities are provided with the aid of scholarships to cover the educational needs of those children. The children under Vimukthiprogramme who need hostel facility are admitted in AnandaNilayams. The boarders of these Vimukthi Hostels are sanctioned Scholarships @Rs.700/- pm for classes IIIto X to Hostellers and @110/- per month to Day-scholars studying from Class I to X.

An amount of Rs.750/- per annum per student is provided as an adhoc grant for day scholars for all classes & Rs.1000/- as adhoc grant for hostellers for all classes. Government of India have liberalized this scheme by removing restrictions on number of children eligible per family for scholarships and income ceiling.

Scheme of Up-gradation of Merit

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Up gradation of Merit of SC students with 100% central assistance with the main objective to upgrade the merit by providing them with facilities for all-round development through education in Residential Schools. Coaching is imparted from class IX and continues till a student completes class XII.

A package grant of Rs. 25,000/- per student per year is given w.e.f 2014-15. The breakup of with Rs.15,000/- per year per student for books, stationery, fees, boarding charges, pocket money etc. and the remaining Rs. 10,000/- per year per student is for honorarium towards teachers, experts and other incidental charges.

G.Rajendera Kumar

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