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Hyderabad: Here is another first from the Hyderabad-headquartered International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (Icrisat). A pioneering in several areas, it has set a new precedent with its scientifically-driven conserving rain water programme.

Icrisat is acclaimed for its innovations in dry land agriculture and research on six crops. At a time when the government of the day is keen on transforming existing lakes and water sources, Icrisat has established three manmade lakes across its sprawling campus. They conserve rainwater that is used for the whole year, including for conducting experiments on plants and watering fields.

Speaking about the manmade lakes, Suresh C Pillay, head of Farm and Engineering services said that Icrisat boasts of red and black soil with water sheds at several locations. He said that there are three lakes of varying proportions-64 hectares, 12 hectares and six hectares.

According to Pillay, “we did not want to waste rainwater which was overflowing and getting wasted, we decided to conserve them by setting up lakes.”

He said that the rainwater conserved in these lakes would be so sufficient and meet their needs so much that they never had to procure water from any outside source.

He said that in order keep away threats like hyacinth and algae, they have released three lakh fish fingerlings into the lakes.

Interestingly, it is a profitable option as Icrisat has been earning close to Rs 40 lakh annually by selling fish from these water bodies.