Ever wondered how celebrities look so fresh even after a long-haul flight? Flying could be exciting but at the same time very exhausting. Spending long hours in compressed flight cabins could make your skin dehydrated and dull. On the brighter side, airplane hours could be used as a perfect time to pamper yourself with an in-flight skincare routine to avoid jet–lagged skin. 

Pragya - Skincare Brand Manager, Spinz, shares vfour vital products to carry in your hand baggage to keep your skin fresh and hydrated on a long-distance flight. 

Here’s the list of in–flight skincare essentials

Face mist – Spray on a hydrating face mist on regular intervals and pat with a cotton pad to lock the moisture in your skin. The natural ingredients in the mist, cools and refreshes your skin for an instant pick me up and a dewy look. 

Sheet masks– Sheet masks are an ideal way to relax on a long-haul flight as you do not require washing it post application. All you need to do is unwrap the sheet and apply it over your face for 20 minutes. The serum in the mask helps rejuvenate the skin leaving it bright, soft and firm. 

BB cream–A small tube of BB cream in your purse could be an absolute saviour while flying. The moisturizing properties in BB cream helps keep your skin hydrated in harsh cabin conditions.With moisture, it also provides tint and coverage making your skin look bright and radiant. And don’t forget to choose a BB cream with sunscreen properties, as your vacation is all about soaking up the sun. 

Lip balm – Lips are very sensitive and gets dehydrated easily. And it’s not comfortable to travel with chapped and flakey lips. A good lip balm is essential to seal the moisture in your lips to keep it soft and supple on long flights.

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