A platform for holistic wellness

A platform for holistic wellness

Every problem leads the road to a solution And, the solution, which benefits larger section of people is a fruitful enterprise to initiate On these lines, V Circle Wellness, a platform to provide personalised wellness programme was born

Every problem leads the road to a solution. And, the solution, which benefits larger section of people is a fruitful enterprise to initiate. On these lines, V Circle Wellness, a platform to provide personalised wellness programme was born.

Anneysa Ghosh, as a working professional faced health concerns untreatable for a long period. On an official visit to Dubai, she met Dr Nick Bauer, an osteopath andthe head therapist for German football national team. After being treated him in a span of two months, she decided to forward the benefit of personalised treatment to people looking for the same.

With this thought in mind, Anneysa created V Circle Wellness, where wellness brands and health experts are brought together on a single platform to provide holistic wellness by designing a personalised programme to suit each individual’s body and mind.

Speaking with The Hans India, Anneysa Ghosh said, “We neglect to understand our own body; instead we go with the flow of information that we gather from our surroundings, which would not work always. To bring in holistic wellness treatment, I started inviting experts beginning with Dr Nick Bauer.”

Conceptualised in Mumbai six months ago, V Circle Wellness made its debut in Hyderabad in October 2018. Their team of experts include Luke Coutinho heading the nutrition team, Dr Nick Bauer leading the osteopathy team and Rakesh Udiyar from Mumbai,the celebrity fitness trainer.

The platform has partnered with MapMyGenome for DNA test, Head Space a meditation App for better mental health, Apollo Life Studio and ITC hotel as their hospitality partner for Spa treatments along with a basket of health products.

Elaborating on the trend of holistic health in India, Anneysa says, “There are blind followers for fad diet, gluten free, keto diet; instead people should understand the type of diet that suits their body. Else it’s a trial and error to follow online channels giving do’s and don’ts.”

Looking at the need of the hour, Anneysa recommends a personalised wellness and sustainable regime planned and tailored accordinglyto bring in complete lifestyle modification for a fit and healthy self.

Commenting on the approach of men and women towards wellness, she observes that women are more conscious and informed, though the stigma related to beauty exists. “While men in their early 30s are committed, women in early 30s lag in commitment and give into cravings, but women in 40s are the new 16s, and want to look the best by committing to any wellness regime.”

Charting her future plans for V Circle Wellness, Anneysa informs she will come up with an influential online platform to create awareness and break myths about certain norms. “Other than our network of members, we would like the rest of India to make conscious choices.

For instance, taking a tablet is a temporary relief but many aren’t aware of its reaction on the genes. Also, fasting once a week and intermittent fasting to reset our system is important for a toned body, as we need to shock our body every six weeks by changing the pattern of health regime for your body to respond.”

To conclude, Anneysa’s wisdom for the beauty seekers is ‘Living happily is more important than killing yourself with a diet.’ Break free from the societal pressure of stereotypical beauty and body shape, to prefer a fit and healthy body and mind.

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