Story Storey Storeyed Storied

Story Storey Storeyed Storied

Story is a narrative. Stories are written by writers. Story can be in a long form or short form: short stories and novels. Flash fiction is gaining...

Don’t tell me cock and bull stories! You know about stories: stories are tales, a piece of fiction; a narration of a chain of events expressed in words, in moving images and in still pictures.

Story is a narrative. Stories are written by writers. Story can be in a long form or short form: short stories and novels. Flash fiction is gaining ground in the era of Internet which is shorter than a short story. Story also refers to chain of events of someone or something that are also real, non-fictional.

The plural of story is stories. One of the distinct meaning of ‘story’ is also the level of a building. There are buildings which has more than one floor: duplex, triplex, and multi-storied or multi-storeyed. Then what is the meaning of storey? Storey is a structure consisting of a room, or rooms in a floor of a building.

Storey is a level or a floor in a building. Storey is a human-made structure. Storey is a structure usually consisting of rooms and could be single- or double- or triple-storey or multi-storeyed. Are you living in a single-storeyed house or multi-storeyed building?

Apartments are multi-storeyed. There is a rule that if a building has more than three-storeys it should have a lift or an elevator but in India there are many buildings that do not have. Double-storeyed and triple-storeyed buildings are increasing in number across South Asia.

A multi-storeyed building is a high-rise building. Storeyed is an adjective. Which building in the world has highest number of storeys?
The alternative spelling for storeyed is storied.

In American English the noun story also refers to the level of a floor in a building; and it is written as multi-storied. That is, story (tale, story) and story (level, or floor in a building used by people for offices, living, storage, recreation, and parking) have same spellings.

But in British English, the level, deck or floor of building is always a ‘storey’. Multi-storeyed structures are not popular in the UK like in the USA. The plural of storey is storeys.

Note that storey is never used for a story in reference to a narrative, tale. ‘Markets may be permanent structures or general areas where people gather to sell goods. They may take place once or twice a week, every morning, or late in the evening.

Multistoried “malls” may contain hundreds of small stalls rather than sprawling stores.’ – People inhabiting in a multi-storeyed (apartment) buildings have many stories (real or unreal) to tell about themselves and their neighbours.

By:Kovuuri G Reddy

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