How not to be a success killer

How not to be a success killer

One of the best ways to stay away from success killers is use the procedure of reversal in order to get what you desire.  Let’s understand how the...

Although there are no absolute ways defined to become a successful person, yet there is certainly some “achievement or success killers”, you should maintain a strategic distance from, no matter what.

One of the best ways to stay away from success killers is use the procedure of reversal in order to get what you desire.
Let’s understand how the process of reversal works - Think of the things that lead to disappointment or failures, however don't do them. Sound simple and little strange, isn’t it?Let’s know how successful people follow the procedure”

They never consider themselves over knowledgeable and are always ready to learn something new.

There is nothing wrong in stating your opinion, but considering your opinion absolutely correct without listening or understanding that of others will surely put a full stop at your path to success. Successful people are always open for learning and realise that there is a lot to learn from others’ opinions or thoughts.

Although they do not blindly follow but carefully listen, analyse the facts behind those opinion and try to comprehend how they differ from their own opinion and where they need to improvise. Whereas unsuccessful people usually have stubborn mind and never see things from both the sides.

They never initiate anything with a proper plan and strategy in their mind.

Undoubtedly you need to take a move, but before that you must have a plan in place, a strategically written plan. Having a composed plan makes you more prone to succeed.

You must know precisely what you want and what you need to do in order achieve your desire. When you go for just a trial or an experiment without any planning might lead you to success, but might not. Hence always delineate your destination before you begin voyaging.

They are never afraid to take action.

Although, successful people do proper planning before taking a step, but they are never afraid to make a move. They are always open for learning from their own mistakes. Yes you cannot approach your goal without a plan, but you cannot stay in a planning phase for longer period. Once you've made sense of what you have to do, begin doing it.

They never try do things all by themselves.

Henry Ford had a leading group of advisors. Rather than attempting to do everything himself, he chose to gather his team of intelligent individuals to help him succeed in his projects.

You cannot succeed all alone. Since we all are born with some unique talents and skills, utilizing well the talent of people around you as a team can help you do wonders in life. You will always require other intelligent individuals at your side. Thinking you can do things all alone is an indication of presumption and ignorance.

They don’t lie to themselves.

Successful individuals don’t make up stories concerning why they aren’t at the place they need to be. They are always honest with themselves and analyze their drawbacks because of which they couldn’t achieve their desired destination. Defending your circumstances and fail to confront reality will keep you stuck in the same spot from where you started.

Are you really trying hard as much as it actually required? Is it truly your circumstances or is it you? Confronting the brutal reality of your circumstances can indeed liberate you. Confess all with yourself, so you can push ahead.

They don’t believe in the existence of word impossible.

Wright brothers never considered creating a plane an impossible experiment. Successful people are borderline delusional and consider nothing impossible.

All you need to have is an irrational measure of positive thinking as you’re planning to make a level of progress that many great people would never approach. The reason behind why many great people never approach achievement or success is on the grounds that they trust it’s not possible for them.

They don’t believe in luck.

As said by Billionaire Peter Thiel, “Successful people are definite optimists. Definite optimist people know where they’re going and have full faith on their abilities.

Does “luck” become possibly the most important factors with regards to achievement? Yes it does, but you place yourself in a position to be fortunate by putting in the work.

You may have fortunately met a compelling individual, yet the diligent work behind it was acquainted with all the players in your field. You may have fortunately gotten your work acknowledged, yet the diligent work behind it was putting it out there constantly, even when no one was noticing.- (Writer is Director of Chanakya IAS Academy)

By:AK Mishra

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