From teen to adulthood these 5 Apps will become your savior

From teen to adulthood these 5 Apps will become your savior

In this digital era, if not by anyone, we are constantly backed by Apps to assist us for every legit situation.

In this digital era, if not by anyone, we are constantly backed by Apps to assist us for every legit situation. With the whirlwind of technology and advancement, people of all ages and walks of life are becoming gadget friendly. These 5 promising apps will cater your needs at all stages of life. Be it providing an academic solution for your next big exam, guidance on how and where to invest hard earned money, finding a comfortable yet affordable place to live in a new city, get your home appliances repaired at best price or even plan a pocket-friendly trip with friends and family. These 5 apps are like five mantras you can count onto without a doubt.

1. Next Curriculum- If you are a student looking for smart and experiential learning for your next big exam, Next Curriculum App by Next Education is a one stop solution for K-12 sector. It has solutions backed up with 400 hours of video lessons, 2D & 3D animation to make learning experiential and fun, topic wise questions with solution, sample papers, question from All India Test Series and detailed performance report. In case of doubt, the online question-answer forum helps you in getting solution within 24-hours. In addition to this, Next Education provides next book, next mentor, next lab (robotics, English, Hindi, math, science) and pre-designed curriculum for facilitating better academic planning for teachers and students.

2. Colive- After finishing college, most of us have to travel to the new city in search of jobs and other career opportunities but what bothers the most is finding a comfortable place to stay within budget. The Colive app allows you to spot fully managed rental homes, located close to business hubs and IT parks. Unlike boring PGs where you have to compromise personal space, sans entertainment Colive spaces on the other hand allows one to explore a community of like-minded millennial with premium amenities & living spaces that inspire a sense of Collaboration. It offers flexible, brokerage free & affordable options suitable for urban living while also taking care of social life by providing concept of community kitchen, fitness room, lounge, house-keeping, security and maintenance. Using Colive app one can schedule a visit for taking a tour around the beautiful colive properties.

3. Goalwise- Often we want to invest in mutual funds but we step back being apprehensive of authenticity and reliability of various platforms available today or due to lack of proper knowledge about where to invest. Goalwise is a Mutual Fund investing service which helps you plan and invest for your financial goals, be it saving for your travel or iphone buying, buying a house or just building your wealth. At Goalwise, a team of SEBI registered investment advisors helps you to analyze the value for money in the current market. Goalwise provides 'zero commission' advisory platform.

4. 24*7 Around- Wondering whom to go for getting repaired your electrical appliance you just damaged? Or delaying your favorite dish because you are too busy to get kitchen appliance fixed? Finally, there is an answer to your misery. 247around is a digital post-purchase home appliance servicing platform that enables OEMs/Brands and eComm portals to provide seamless customer experiences. It's the first new-age startup that enables the customers to do self-diagnostics, decipher the issue, and estimate prices much before the engineer arrives at home. The offerings at 247around include services such as installations, demonstrations, returns validation, maintenance contracts, and warranty services, among others.

5. Confirm Tkt- It's quite natural to feel homesick while staying away from family. Often, there are unannounced holidays when students and young professionals crave to run back to their homes and spend some quality time with dear ones but uncertainty of confirmed ticket reservation lays them back. Confirm tkt enable hassle free train ticket bookings while also predicting the chances of getting a reservation confirmed (keeping you at a lower risk). The confirm tkt provides user-friendly experience as it offers the lowest price train tickets with the best in the industry, secured payment and easy cancellation and refund.

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