3 Ways To Improve Your Online Brand Marketing

3 Ways To Improve Your Online Brand Marketing

Online Marketing


Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade and the most successful businesses have stayed ahead of the trends.

Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade and the most successful businesses have stayed ahead of the trends. The most significant changes have been online. Whereas cold calling, newspaper adverts, and the like drove marketing up until the 2000s, online brand marketing has taken over. This is especially true in 2020, with most of the world adjusting to doing everything online.

Social media marketing, an attractive website, and email newsletters are important parts of brand marketing. However, there are certain steps that will take your online marketing to the next level.

Try the following 3 ways to improve your online brand marketing.

Provide personalised hosting

Hosting refers to the space on a server that allows your website to connect to the internet. You will have had to purchase a hosting subscription to get your business website online. But you can use hosting to really give your customers a specialised experience.

With a service like Verpex reseller hosting, you can provide a personalised hosting experience for all of your clients. Reseller hosting allows customers to buy hosting from you, under your business name. They can even get an email address at your business.

Reseller hosting is a great branding move that does not require a lot of time or money. Verpex will still be doing the actual work of hosting. They provide whatever your customers need. But your customers get an experience directly connected to you.

Write an expert blog

Many businesses have blogs on their websites. Blogs are an excellent way of bringing in visitors organically. By writing about interesting topics connected to your field, you open the door for customers to find you through Google searches or links from other websites.

But to take your marketing to another level, you should invest the time in writing an expert blog. An expert blog goes further than most business blogs by providing an in-depth, nuanced look at a subject that few people can speak of with confidence. It is not a device that is used to drive direct sales, but a useful resource regardless of whether the reader intends to become a customer.

An expert blog positions you and your business as legitimate thought leaders in the industry. People will naturally trust you more than the competition, as you will have shown that you are very knowledgeable and passionate about the field. They will think of you as an authority, rather than someone who is just trying to convert sales.

Pitch guest blogs

Another excellent way to use your expertise to boost your online branding is to pitch ideas to other blogs on topics related to your industry. Most bloggers will accept guest posts from bloggers who are able to show that they know their stuff. It is beneficial to them as well as to you, as your own regular visitors will click on your links to their sites.

Being hosted on external blogs gives potential customers the sense that you are not just a sales machine. They see that you are trusted by independent sources. Furthermore, regular readers of the external blog are naturally interested in guest writers.

Inviting bloggers to post on your site is also effective, as you provide quality content to your readers and bring in extra visitors.

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