Birth and Mind Control Implant Chips: Are We On Our Way to Become Robotic Slaves?

Birth and Mind Control Implant Chips: Are We On Our Way to Become Robotic Slaves?
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While the debate is heating up across the world about artificially intelligent lifeforms like robots gaining an intelligent consciousness.

While the debate is heating up across the world about artificially intelligent lifeforms like robots gaining an intelligent consciousness. There are also various newly evolved technological plans to implant Artificial Intelligent chips into human minds. Yes, that's right. There are in fact various projects, being developed at a rapid pace across the world, that aim to integrate computer programmed implant chips into the brains of humans, that can have an immense mind-altering potential. In 2014, BBC reported of a project funded by Bill Gates of birth control chips being implanted into a woman's skin, the chip would have an ON and Off switch

[1] .Presumably, under the control of the individual using the chip as a contraceptive. The chip was designed to release levonorgestrel, a hormone. The chip would release this hormone every single day for sixteen years before the chip itself needed replacing. Another distinct feature of the chip is it can only be turned off using wireless remote control. Therefore chip was supposed to have encrypted security restrictions, so as to prevent others from getting accessing the wireless remote control instead of the user. The chip was supposed to move to pre-clinical testing in late 2018, but since then not much has been publicly put forward about this project. But taking this project as an idea on paper, if we evaluate it rationally.

There are multiple questions one should pose: No matter how safe or encrypted a device has ever been, hackers have always managed to get into even the most sophisticated systems of the world (including the famed Pentagon of the US Government, which was hacked by an eighteen-year-old)

[2]. So how safe is it to handover the key to a woman's body to a device that could be hacked and controlled and bypassed by anyone with just a few lines of code? Anything is possible in the world of code, a minor entry door and that's it boom! At a time when we are hearing reports of numerous cyberattacks on highly secured Government digital establishments, like the recent massive hack on the Australian Government or the massive hacking and leaking of thousands of email addresses of the World Health Organisation

[3]. Nothing is secure in the digital world. How humane is it to even control a woman's ability to procreate through a robotic device? Something that should exclusively be her choice, her willing choice, something she only can exclusively control. The safety implications of it are multifold, but it also increases humanity's dependency on devices and artificial intelligence. A device capable of controlling one's reproductive capacity itself is an extremely intelligent device by itself. Giving more and more powers of our life to extremely intelligent devices might have dangerous implications.

Another dangerous project under development, and perhaps with a much faster rate of implementation is the Elon Musk backed Neuralink

[4]. In simple terms, Neuralink will put a chip into your brain, that will control your consciousness. It can control and record what you think, what you perceive, what you imagine, and what you even dream. It feeds your consciousness and becomes your brain eventually, making your own brain just a subservient servant. It's supposedly a wireless device, that operates much like a computer in your head. Think about this for a second, a device that can record whatever you're thinking. Reminds you of something? Remember the famed classic masterpiece novel 1984 by George Orwell? An all-powerful Government in a fictional world watching over people's thoughts and dreams, so much so that even thinking against the Government becomes a thought crime? Well, the lines between fiction and reality are slowly and steadily blurring. Neuralink as much as it can boost up our memory, or help us with brain issues, in principle as said by its creator Elon Musk, it is supposed to cure brain disorders, vision issues etc. In simpler words, he said, "It's supposed to fix anything wrong with the brain."

But its negatives outshine its positives, we are giving away the key of a human brain, to record and monitor every conscious and subconscious thought and even give it a powerful potential to feed us thoughts. A very powerful key that can easily be hacked or meddled with. Slowly and steadily, ideas for devices that can control the way we think, what we think, monitor what we think, and decide when we procreate are increasing being backed up billionaires with resources, enough resources to bring those projects and ideas into reality. Leaving an essential question, a question a masterpiece like 1984 forced us to think decades ago. We are giving away keys of our lives, of our brains, of our bodies to devices that could be potentially hacked or meddled with by both its creators and anyone with the capacity.

Would you want the creator or the Government of the controller of such devices to monitor your thoughts and tell you what you think? Or tell you when you should procreate? Free will and a free independent brain and consciousness is what makes us humans, humans. It is this free will and consciousness that has produced social systems, innovations, masterpieces of art and literature and cinema. It is free will and consciousness that sets apart from animals, and devices we use. If we let higher powers control minds, programme and monitor our thoughts, we might soon just become mindless and heartless cyborg robots no different from our monkey ancestors, roaming the planet without a consciousness just surviving.

Not living. Its important society understands the implications of letting chips and devices control our consciousness, thoughts and ability to procreate. Will we lose the human in us? As these technologies are being developed at a rapid pace and being hailed as problem changers. And being submitted to Government bodies for review. This is the right time, and perhaps the most essential time for us to raise questions about the risks of such potentially powerful ideas. Otherwise, it shall mean an end of human consciousness and reproduction. And an eventual complete alteration of human consciousness and society as we know it. If the Big Brother is always watching over and controlling our thoughts and when we should procreate. Would we still remain human?

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