Here is all you need to know about one of the 'highest-paid' jobs in the IT industry

Here is all you need to know about one of the highest-paid jobs in the IT industry

With so many data leaks and cyber attacks hitting the IT industry, it's no wonder that companies are doubling their cybersecurity efforts.

In fragile moments where security is at the stake, there is one role that has become really coveted and is one of the most sought after positions in the IT industry. As companies strengthen their security measures, the Chief Information Security Officer is about to become one of the most popular jobs. According to the search of BTI Executive, this role would see at least 20% more demand in 2019. In fact, even cybersecurity is expected to see more jobs, since there is a shortage of talent in that area.

9 things to know about one of the most-wanted and the most-highest paid job in IT industry

1. CISOs' average annual package is between Rs 60 lakh to Rs 1.2 crore

According to the latest BTI research, the average annual package of the CISOs is around Rs 85 lakh per year.

2. The salary of the CISO is still lower than that of the CTO

While CISO is in high demand, it is not yet the best job in the IT industry. In comparison with the salary of the technical director, CISO still extracts 20% less salary.

3. Openings in cybersecurity have grown three times faster than other IT jobs

With companies focused more on strengthening security in recent years, cybersecurity jobs have grown three times faster than other IT roles.

4. Sectors that hire CISOs: banking, healthcare, e-commerce, engineering and other customer-oriented sectors.

The research shows that there are six sectors that actively seek to hire CISO. These are banking, e-commerce, engineering, health and customer-oriented products and services.

5. Shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

According to one study, there is a shortage of about 3 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide. Most of it is located in Asia-Pacific, which has a shortage of more than 2 million professionals.

6. CISO leads departments such as IT infrastructure, networking and more

A CISO is supposed to lead departments such as IT infrastructure, networks, security platforms and virtual infrastructures.

7. CISO usually reports to a CTO or CIO

A CISO usually reports to the chief technical officer or the chief information officer.

8. Internal and external hiring of CISO

Although it is generally situational, in many cases CISOs are also hired internally by the companies.

9. Training programs for CISOs

It is reported that many companies are investing in training potential CISO.

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