International Women's Day 2021: Google Doodle honours women's firsts in history

International Womens Day 2021: Google Doodle honours womens firsts in history

International Women's Day 2021: Google Doodle honours women's firsts in history


For this year's International Women's Day, Google Doodle honours the women who crossed barriers and changed the course of history. It also celebrates the pioneers of the present and the future.

Google is known to come up with some of the best creativity. It makes the most adorable animations related to trending themes and celebrates special days in world history with doodles. So it was obvious that they would come up with something wonderful for International Women's Day, and they did.

This year's famous animation begins with a blue background representing the sky, and you can see holding hands in the air. Some hands are holding each other while others are just in the air. Google is written in white colour in cursive format, and one of the pairs of holding hands forms the first 'O' for the word Google. And the play button is the second O. when we hover over the doodle, the words International Women's Day 2021 appears.

Once we play the video, things get more interesting. The animated music gets played in the background. An animated montage of various women who have changed history by accomplishing things impossible for women before is displayed. It also showed the areas of life in which women thrive and make a name for themselves. Interestingly, these were similar to areas where men have thrived for decades. This Google doodle honoured the pioneers of the past, present, and future.

Explaining about the doodle, illustrated by Helene Leroux, Google wrote: "From the first woman astronaut to the first woman to climb Mount Everest, in the past year, the world searched for 'the first woman' more than ever before. See how Google is celebrating the women who have achieved historical firsts, as well as the many who have come after them."

Google also wrote, "Today's annual International Women's Day Doodle takes a journey through a series of firsts in women's history—highlighting female pioneers who have challenged the status quo and paved the way in education, civil rights, science, art, and so much more. (sic)."

The explanation further read, "The video Doodle pays homage to these (s)heroes by depicting the hands that have opened the doors for generations of women. While some firsts achieve something spectacularly new, others are receiving a recognition or right that is long overdue. (sic)."

"Suffragists, academics, gold medalists, entrepreneurs and more—today's Doodle celebrates the women around the world who overcame the obstacles of their time to create a lasting legacy. These firsts stand on the shoulders of countless others—women who laid the foundation, in the past, for today's doors to be finally opened and glass ceilings broken. In honour of the trailblazers of the past, present, and future—Happy International Women's Day," Google wished every woman around the globe.

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