List of TVs recommended by Netflix in 2019

List of TVs recommended by Netflix in 2019

TVs recommended by Netflix in the year 2019 include Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Bravia.

As we all know the streaming services giant Netflix is one of the largest OTT transmission services worldwide. Today it has got more than 150 million subscribers across the globe. The main idea of broadcasting TV shows and movies means that Netflix is best enjoyed at home on its big-screen TV. To improve the Netflix experience on the television, certain TVs are certified by the platform as 'TVs recommended by Netflix' and has published its list of recommended TVs by 2019.

Netflix has made seven criteria for certification, and if a TV meets any five of these seven criteria it is good to receive the Netflix TV badge. These criteria include the instant turning on of the TV and remember where you left off, quick launch of the Netflix application, Netflix button on the remote, an easily accessible Netflix icon in the user interface, the latest version of the application The resolution of the Netflix interface and a new criterion called Always Fresh, which guarantees the updating of Netflix application in the background of the TV interface to place the new content and the advances in front and center .

As of now Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Bravia is included in the list for 2019 TVs that the Netflix recommends:

Panasonic: GX900, GX800, GX750, GX740 and GX700

Samsung: Q900R, Q90R, Q80R, Q75R, Q70R, Q60R, The Frame (2019) and RU8000

Sony Bravia: A9G, X9500G, X9507G, X8550G, X8550G, X8507G and X8577G

Samsung recently launched a series of QLED 2019 televisions which are available to buy in India. The published list is global and includes televisions of the three brands available worldwide.

Televisions that are certified can declare that they are recommended by Netflix, which will help customers to make an informed decision. Netflix says, when you see the "Netflix Recommended TV" logo, it means that the TV has passed the rigorous tests to ensure high performance and easy access to Netflix and other services.

Nowadays TVs that come with a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control, but users should not assume that they are the recommended Netflix TVs. The button is one of the criteria that must be met to obtain certification. Many users feel that the button is sophisticated and needless in the remote, but it is actually convenient for fast access to Netflix.

Currently, the Netflix application does not address the performance of TVs after you play your smart TV. Netflix has a lot of content in different resolutions and qualities that go up to 4K and HDR, and most of the TVs in this year's list are compatible with this content. But as of now the criteria only explore the ease of use of Netflix on the TV, it does not analyse the image quality.

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