PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 Update Brings Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode, New Weapons, and More

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 Update Brings Survive Till Dawn Halloween Mode, New Weapons, and More

The new PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update brings a mass of new features and the new Halloween Survive Till Down mode.

PUBG Mobile announced yesterday the release of update 0.14.6 for PUBG Mobile Lite users. The latest update brings Halloween Survive Till Dawn mode and a range of new features. Users must update the application through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to get the latest features.

The 0.14.6 PUBG Mobile Lite update brings the long-awaited Halloween theme of Survive Till Dawn mode that was recently released in the main version through update 0.15. PUBG Mobile 0.15 update rolled out globally on October 15. The new 'Halloween' update brought new features, tools, developments and Halloween goodies. The latest mode needs users to work along with their teammates and survive for three days and two nights. During the day, PUBG Mobile Lite users can also collect supplies such as Flamethrower and the new M134 Minigun. Users must subdue the Pumpkin Zombies flow to unlock new accomplishments.

Players have to blight for weapons and supplies in the zombie-infested landscape before the dawn brings with it hordes of undead walkers. Halloween would be incomplete without some walking dead pumpkins. Those who survive until the end can unlock exclusive achievements.

In addition to the Halloween theme, the latest PUBG Mobile update brings new perfections to the gameplay. For example, there is a new open character system that allows users to dress up as the new Victor character to Survive Till Dawn mode. It is said that the new character offers less reload time. There is also a range of new weapons to deliver more efficient damage. A Survive Till Dawn mode has two rounds, while the new M134 machine gun can hit up to 200 rounds of ammunition and is said to be as good as an assault rifle. Flamethrower, as the name implies, allows you to kill zombies from a distance of 10 meters quickly.

Other main features of PUBG Mobile Lite include new video rewards, faster entry to the game, updated Winner Pass feature and feature adjustment and bug fixes.

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