Want to travel to the US? Avoid these things on social media

Want to travel to the US? Avoid these things on social media

The US visa applicants have to provide usernames of social media accounts which they have been using from last five years.

It's official. The majority of visa applicants have to provide usernames for the social media accounts they have been using since the last five years, including tourists, workers and students. Electronic forms D-160 and D-260 filled out by visa applicants will have a drop-down menu that asks for a username or manages social media platforms of the applicants which they have been using five years prior to the date of request of visa. The social media platforms covered in the drop-down menu include Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Until now, only selective visa applicants were asked to provide their social media handle details. These revised US visa forms mean that you must be very careful with the activities on your social media handles including Facebook and Twitter.

Here are 6 things that are a big no-no on social media if you want to travel to the US.

1. No political posts

Political posts include posts that you made, retweets and memes about political figures, policies, and anything which is against the US.

2. Say big "NO" to violence

Avoid post that promotes violence or discriminates against a section of people. It may seriously backfire and ruin your chances of getting a US visa.

3. Don't post a partying picture

Alcohol, drugs and smoking could badly affect your chances to fulfil your dream university or get that desired job.

4. Don't post about 'Settling Down' in the US

US authorities aren't too keen on students settling down in the country post studies, counsellors advice to play it cool.

5. Avoid angry and obscene content

Try to be that kind of person whom the US immigration authorities will want to let in. Make sure that you post only things that bring you in a good light.

6. Don't make it appear more suspicious by deleting posts or making your account private

You are wrong if you think that deleting posts will help. Deleting posts or making all accounts private will make you seem more suspicious.

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