4 Latest Exciting Features of WhatsApp

4 Latest Exciting Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has four latest exciting features that are available for all users.

WhatsApp is one of the most anticipated applications for the latest features. The popular messaging app is used by more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp has 400 million users in India alone.

WhatsApp regularly updates the application with new features. It also tests unpublished features in its beta application for Android and iPhone. Recently, WhatsApp has focused on privacy and spam control on the platform. It has implemented features to help stop these problems on WhatsApp.

In terms of changing UI, the application will soon launch our dark mode on Android and iPhone. The dark mode of WhatsApp is expected to arrive with iOS 13 and the Android Q update. While there is time for that, there are other features available now on WhatsApp.

Know about these latest features that you can use right away.

Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp announced fingerprint unlock for Android users. This feature can be found in the "Privacy" section. Enabling this will allow users to unlock WhatsApp with their fingerprint. Users also have the choice to hide the content of WhatsApp notifications. Fingerprint unlock is available for WhatsApp beta users. As for iOS, all iPhone and iPad users can unlock WhatsApp via Face ID or Touch ID.

Frequently Forwarded

Earlier this month WhatsApp finally made its "frequent forwarded" tool official. As the name implies, this tag is to inform users of messages that have been forwarded more than five times. This tool is intended to alert users of spam messages, which is a major problem in WhatsApp.

Consecutive Voice Messages

This feature is useful for people who send multiple voice messages on WhatsApp. Earlier, users had to listen to each message separately. With this feature, numerous voice messages sent at once will now be played consecutively. Users do not need to go back to play the subsequent voice message.

Group Invitation

For those who do not know, there is a way to escape from those annoying WhatsApp groups. This privacy feature allows users to decide if anyone or only their contacts can add them to WhatsApp groups. Users can also set the option to nobody for WhatsApp groups. This would result in the user receiving an invitation to join the WhatsApp group that expires in 72 hours.

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