5 Awesome Gadgets Which Make Our Lives Easier

5 Awesome Gadgets Which Make Our Lives Easier
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In this 21st high-end global world, every work is made easier with the awesome usage of technology.

Technology makes life easier… Yes! This statement is true!!!

In this 21st high-end global world, every work is made easier with the awesome usage of technology. Coming to gadgets, they are making us go gaga over them with their awesome features.

Today we Hans India have come up with a few gadgets which are just ultimate and made us utter wow…

1. Rollable Television

Yes… You heard it rights!!! We have seen box type TV's, smart ones with LED and LCD versions but now, you will just get awestruck witnessing rollable TV's.LG company has released it recently with the name 'Signature OLED TV R'.

Having a look at the image, you might have got the idea… We can watch TV as usual and then switch off it and make it stay dust-free by rolling it back to its stand. This way the living room looks beautiful and televisions also stay safe and dust-free.

2. Full-Screen Foldable Laptop

Wow… The laptop with the full screen is just looking awesome!!! Lenovo company is going to launch this 'X1 Fold' laptop in a few days and is making all the gadget lovers go gaga over it.

This thing pad laptop can be carried anywhere as it is lightweight. This laptop is made with full screen and you can even connect a keyboard to it or on the virtual pad on the screen. This laptop can be used as a full-screen tab as well. We all need to wait till June to witness this amazing lappy.

3. AI Balle

Looks like a ball but it is a spy camera… Yes! This AI gadget will look the same as a small ball but can be left at home to keep an eye on the happenings when you stay at the office or outside your homes.

A few parents leave their kids with nanny's or old parents sometimes need to stay alone at home. So, with this small camera, people can keep an eye on the happenings at home. This gadget is being developed by Samsung and this one works as a small spy robot. It gadget keeps an eye on the entire condo by spying every room. It goes around every room and alerts us by sending a message to the mobile.

4. Y-Brush

Be it, kids or elders, sometimes you brush in a hurry burry leaving the germs to stick to your teeth. But this smart brush will make your work in seconds.

Colgate company is manufacturing this smart brush for all the busy bees. This smart brush will rule out the germs in just ten seconds as the sensors in this 'Plaqless Pro' brush will scan and work on the germs. It even makes us know the percentage of germs cleaned.

5. Juno Chillar

In summer we feel to gulp down cool juices, isn't it??? Yes… So, this Juno Chillar will make our work easier. No need to keep the juice in the refrigerator for hours together or add ice cubes to cool it. Then what tom do???

Be it coffee, cool drink, tea or any juice it can be cooled in a minute. It is so small and can be carried anywhere. At one 750 ml of any juice can be cooled with much ease.

Aren't these smart gadgets cool and awesome!!!

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