Airtel brings 20GB free data with Rs 399 and above recharge plans

Airtel brings 20GB free data with Rs 399 and above recharge plans

Airtel prepaid customers to get additional 20GB data upon recharging with Rs 399 plan.

Every telecom operator is trying its best to lure more customers, each one is trying different ways to attract more people to their network. In most of the situations, operators are bundling in extreme benefits with individual recharge plans. When it comes to postpaid subscribers, the benefits come in the form of free subscriptions to various content streaming platforms. Usually, prepaid subscribers are left out in terms of benefits but now Airtel is considering them as well when it comes to rewarding with additional benefits.

Now Airtel is offering up to 20GB additional data with some of its prepaid plans. Depending on the recharge pack the data allowance can differ between 5GB, 10GB and 20GB. For example, the most popular pack of Rs 399, is receiving an additional data allowance of 20GB. Telecom Talk reported this earlier.

Unlike its rivals, Airtel is not giving the additional data in the 4G mobile data account. As an alternative, subscribers need to be in areas where Airtel has deployed its Airtel Wi-Fi Zone and connect to the Wi-Fi network through the My Airtel app. Airtel Wi-Fi Zones are free Wi-Fi hotspots that are present in selected metro cities across 500 spots. Airtel subscribers will be eligible for the assigned data in these areas easily without any problem.

Subscribers can get connected through the My Airtel app and once the verification is done the device will stay connected to the network.

This is a good deal for those who need more data on the move, Airtel may not be able to benefit most users with this plan. The Airtel Wi-Fi Zone is limited to a few metro cities around India and as of now, it is limited to 500 spots.

When compared, Reliance Jio gifts its consumers with discount coupons and free data coupons that can be availed while recharging.

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