Airtel internet suffer outage again! Mobile data, broadband services affected

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel   (File/Photo)


Airtel Down Again: Airtel services face outage again in various parts of the country. People turn to Twitter to complain.

Airtel down again! After yesterday's brief interruption of its mobile network and broadband services, Airtel's services are down again today. Several users are complaining on Twitter that the network has been unavailable since morning. Our Airtel broadband service also has been down for the last few hours and has not yet come back online.

Airtel has yet to confirm this on any of its social media channels. Instances of no service have been reported in Noida, Latur, Punjab, Bangalore, and some other cities. There is no timeline on when the service will return. Yesterday's outage was due to a technical glitch that was fixed shortly after.

Downdetector shows a handful of users complaining about the outage at the moment. However, the fall does not affect a large number of people like yesterday.

Airtel Down is trending again on Twitter

As happened yesterday, several people took to Twitter to express their discontent. Some of them simply reported the incidents, while others created memes to express their problems. Here are few of them.

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