Gizmore Gizfit Cloud Review: Perfect smartwatch at a reasonable price

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud


The Gizmore Gizfit Cloud smartwatch is a perfect choice at a reasonable price of just Rs 1,479 with six month warranty.

Home grown mobile brand Gizmore launched a new smartwatch, GIZFIT Cloud, with a 1.85 IPS large display and up to 500 nits bright display with a metal case. The smartwatch offers an AI voice assistant that can connect with Alexa and Siri, a smart split screen and Bluetooth Calling. It lets you make and receive phone calls directly using the smartwatch via a built-in mic, speaker, fast dialler and excellent battery life. In addition, it brings all the typical smartwatch features like sedentary warnings, notifications, calls, alarms, and more.

What was in the Box?

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud In the Box

In the box, I found the Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud smartwatch in brown colour, a magnetic charger to charge the watch, and a warranty card of six months. It would help you scan the codes to activate the warranty and the functional instructions.

Product Specifications

 1.85 Inch Bigger Display

 Multi-Functional Rotating Crown - Change Watch Faces, ChangeMusic, Control Menu

 Screen Resolution: 500 NITS Brighter Display with touchscreen

 Latest Bluetooth Calling: Answer and Make Calls with Bluetoothdirectly from your watch

 AI Voice Assistance - Gives Commands (Alexa / Siri), Managesyour schedule, set reminders | Calls, Messages & Social Media Notification

 IP67 Water Resistance: Ready to handle all those accidentalsplashes in the shower or rain

 Battery: Up to 7 days with normal usage, 2 Days with calling

 Multiple Sports mode, Step pedometer, Sleep monitor, caloriemonitor, stopwatch

 HryFine APP Health Suit: SpO2, 24x7 Heart Rate, Calorie Burns,Hydration Alert, Menstrual Tracker, Sleep monitor & Guided Breathing

 Fitness & Outdoor - Health & Medical, Notifier,Watchphone, Safety & Security

 Compatible: Android & iOS

Design and Display

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud smartwatch flaunting trendy crown

The watch flaunts a fine silicone strap, which is comfortable on the wrist for long hours. Eight local faces are available, and there are multiple beautiful online watch faces to choose from based on occasion or mood. Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud is water-resistant with an IP67 rating. So you can keep it wearing during your physical training sessions in the gym. You will find two buttons on the right side; rotate the crown to check out the list, and the button helps you to turn them on and off the display. The lower button is a back key and helps you turn off the watch screen.

The Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud offers a 4.69 Cm (1.85) full-touch large and vibrant display with 240 x 280 Pixels resolution with a metal case and HD IPS curved display.500 NITS Brightness, view bigger, brighter and scroll smooth. There is an on-display and rise-to-wake feature that you can opt for whenever you are outdoors under sunlight. From the HryFine app, My section – Dial, under this Dial option, you get Mydial, Dial Mall and DIY dial options. My dial shows the current watch face you are flaunting. From dial Mall, you can choose several watch faces online based on your mood and occasion. DIY dial allows you to change the location of the time display on your watch; content above time/content below time helps you to decide which content you want to get displayed on the watch screen date, sleep, heart rate, pedometer or hide. You even get to change the text colour of the text displayed on the watch screen. I am spellbound about this feature from Gizmore.

Different available watch faces customization option


The Gizmore Gizfit Cloud connects to Android and iPhone with its compatible app HryFine. The smartwatch offers Bluetooth that ranges up to 10 meters and can notify you of important calls, SMS and reminders. So you need not keep your mobile always with you and keep checking it all the time. Once the watch is connected to the app, you receive hands-free smart notifications for incoming calls, messages alerts. The calls were clear enough to understand.

Smartphone connected to Gizmore Cloud

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud's user interface is excellent. You can swipe down for watch settings like brightness, torch, settings, calls and others. Swipe up for notification alerts, swipe right for shortcuts to various applications, and swipe left to see the activity list. When you press the rotatory knob, you see the 24 apps listed in honeycomb format. You can arrange these apps the way you prefer.


This smartwatch from Gizmore comes with dual-pin USB magnetic charging. With around2 hrs of charging, the watch got 100% charged. I got to use it for more than two weeks with the minimum usage of the Bluetooth calling feature. So, GIZFIT Cloud will outlast any activity you do during the day and still track your sleep at night. The brand claims a battery life of seven days; note that the battery power will depend on how much you use the Bluetooth calling feature. I am satisfied with the battery's performance. I found all the smartwatches that I reviewed fromGizmore promising in this area, no complaints with the battery.

Calling Features

The smartwatch offers three options Dial, contacts, and call log. Gizmore GIZFITCloud helps you to call any number without using your phone. The number dialled from the smartphone connected to the watch in real-time enables you to make calls by dialling the number without saving in smartwatch contacts. Under Frequent Contacts, we can save up to nine contact numbers. The telephone keypad is comfortable for dialling numbers.

Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud with the options Calllogs, Contactsand Messages

The Recents option displays the last calls received from the phone and smartwatch. This helps in dialling back the unsaved number as well. The UI of the smartwatch offers options to reject, accept a call, and adjust the volume of its speakers on the display when someone calls on your paired smartphone fromthe watch.

HryFine App

We can pair Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud with Android and iOS devices with its app HryFine'.HryFine app helps to control the watch's features and keep a tab on all the health-related data collected by the watch. The app's Home page, Healthy, displays the health-related measures when you launch it, and you find two more tabs called Healthy, Data, Sports and My.

Gizmore Gizfit Cloud with its accustomed app HryFine

The home page offers details like heart rate, sleep, sports and blood oxygen. The app provides detailed information about each feature; I wish they had added a stress- measuring feature as well. Under the data tab, you will be able to see the historical data in numbers and even a graphical display for steps, sleep and heart rate.

At a glance, you get to know where you stand and how much you are moving, sleeping and your heart rate details. Under the sports tab, you can opt for walk, Running, bike, Indoor running and start the activity that will tell you about your number of steps, your average speed and how many calories you have burnt; there is a GPS option where you can see which areas exactly you have covered during your physical exercise. There are 50 plus sports modes available. Coming to the My section, you can control the settings and features of the app. Overal lt he HryFine app is brilliant for monitoring your health measurements.

Smart Features

Breathe, Sedentary Alert, Drink Water Reminder, Weather, Voice Assistance, Stopwatch, Alarm Clock, Timer, Torch, Find Device. The find Device option helps you find your watch and mobile if you misplace any of the two. I found this feature very helpful.

Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud smart features


The Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud is comfortable to wear, has a good dial size, and has an impressive display. The smartwatch's UI comes with easy-to-use and good battery life. However, the Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud watch could have added a mail alert and stress-detecting feature. Gizmore GIZFIT Cloud is a refined smartwatch with decent connectivity and advanced features at a reasonable price.

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