Krafton announces new game Defense Derby for India

Krafton announces new game Defense Derby for India

Krafton announces new game Defense Derby for India


Krafton shares that Defense Derby is a "strategy game" in the Tower Defense genre. The latest game is a hybrid of action and strategy genres.

Krafton, the franchise maker of BGMI and PUBG, has launched a new game in India dubbed Defense Derby. The new mobile title is out for fans to check out. It means that Defense Derby is only available for "early access", which will run until May 11. It can be downloaded on Android phones through the Google Play app store. Defense Derby is developed by RisingWings, an independent Krafton studio in South Korea. The title announcement and early access come weeks after Krafton launched Road to Valor Empires, developed by its Dreamotion subsidiary.

The company says that Defense Derby is a "strategy game" in the Tower Defense genre that offers players a "new level of fun with intense mind games and strong card synergy effects." In each round, four players obtain cards through exploration and form a deck to protect their castles from monsters until only one player is left, which differs from the battle royale style of PUBG and BGMI, Krafton's most popular titles around the world.

Defense Derby is free to download so far, and it will remain the same when the company decides to release the full version. Krafton claims that "exclusive gifts have been curated for the Indian audience, and players can win rewards worth Rs 700 through early access testing. The rewards include 2500 Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elixir, and 500 ManaStone."

Steps to play Defense Derby

Krafton has made a few gameplay changes since his initial trailer last year. The game features a new system and mode.

At the beginning of every match, players get two cards from their selected deck and an additional card when they kill a boss monster. Units can be merged during battles, providing more strategic gameplay. A step-by-step growth system, "Path of Guardian", is added to this early access trial version. This system works like a milestone, offering new goals and rewards to motivate players to enjoy the game.

Players can move up the "path of the guardian" based on their derby points and progression through the league. Players can receive hero/unit cards, castle exteriors, and unlock content as rewards. The "Derby Free Fight - Mirror Match" event mode is also available, allowing players to play Derby with the same provided deck, allowing them to enjoy the new game without being hindered by their own deck. Since all players must use the same deck, there will be a high degree of strategy involved.

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