PUBG Mobile Season 9 leaks unveil Dacia skin, new outfits and more

PUBG Mobile Season 9 leaks unveil Dacia skin, new outfits and more

The launch date of the ninth season of PUBG Mobile is not yet announced

PUBG Mobile developers are known to keep their players hooked on by rolling out new content updates that flaunt a lot of new skins, outfits, etc. The launch date of Season 9 is not yet announced. Data miners have already leaked information about the items that are supposed to be released in season 9. The PUBG Mobile players before the beginning of Season 9 need to purchase Royale Pass to buy exclusive items, as usual.

Season 9 Outfit

As per the whistleblowers, PUBG Mobile players will be able to receive the new outfit by completing a few missions available in Season 9 and all.

Kar98 Skin

Data miners have found that new Kar98 skin will be rolled out in the upcoming season. If the information is right, the stellar-looking skin would be available only for Royale Pass owners.

Season 9 Parachute

A new parachute skin with a logo of Season 9 may also be released soon, and leakers say that the skin could be claimed after reaching the Ace Tier in the new season.

Dacia Skin

Similar to the Kar98 skin, this new Dacia skin can also be achieved by Royal Pass players.

Season 9 Airplane Skin

The new season may also bring along the new airplane skin. The airplane skin is guessed to textured and blue.

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