Twitter update: You can control who can react to you; check out

Twitter update

Twitter update


Good news! Twitter is looking to change the way its tweets are reacted to and all you have to do is click a few times - check out here.

Twitter is a very popular microblogging platform. It's been testing new features like Fleet, DM voicemail, and Twitter Spaces. Twitter's answer to the popular Clubhouse social audio app. Last year, the company implemented the ability to limit who could reply to you on Twitter when you posted a tweet. The company is now expanding the feature with a useful ability: edit the settings after you've tweeted and modify the older tweets as well. Check how to use this Twitter tip.

Twitter update: Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, observed the first change, who is popular on Twitter for revealing new features coming to various online services. Twitter is now rolling out the improved feature for users who have updated to the latest version of the app.

Who can reply to tweets: Twitter maintains that settings are set to encourage a more meaningful chat experience, and users will now be able to modify older tweets to allow replies from everyone, the people they follow, or the people they have mentioned in the tweet.

Hitting Twitter trolls by six: Microblogging platforms like Twitter suffer from a major trolling problem, while research has highlighted the detrimental effects of online harassment on social media. Considering Twitter's open design, where users can reply to all tweets posted by public accounts, options to limit responsiveness were well received last year.

How to do it on Twitter: To use this feature, users must have the latest version of the application. To start limiting who can reply to your previous tweets, you must first visit the tweet and look for the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and select the "change who can reply" option for everyone, the people to whom you follow or just the people you mention. Consequently, Twitter will limit who can reply to that tweet after the settings have been saved.

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