A play on old city & women

BhagyashreeTarke a theatre artiste, who has completed her course of theatre at the National School of Drama, New Delhi will be performing in a play that depicts Hyderabadi women.

Having studied science, commerce and after dabbling in journalism and music, she finally decided to pursue her passion for theatre.

About the play, she shares, "'Salma Deewani' is a solo act of about 45 minutes that talks about gender, class, relationships, youth, and the fan-dom towards a film star. It's an attempt to understand and explore a life different from mine. The play has elements of absurdity, reality, fantasies and comedy."

Describing her role in the play 'Salma Deewani' Bhagyashree says, "Salma is a Hyderabadi woman, who's a fighter in her own limits, she is a lady with whacky sense of humour. She lives with two children as her husband is away from home; she's dealing with her issues in different roles as a daughter, a wife, a daughter in law and a mother. She's someone who's attitude towards life is very positive."

Being a Hyderabadi, and from old city, the role that she choose fits perfectly and in a way it also helped Bhagyashree to connect to her role easily.

She says she is inspired by the many women she sees in her neighbourhood, "The character that I am playing is inspired by a lot of ladies in the old city, they're amazing characters and are crazy Salman Khan fans. It's always fascinating to take a peek into their lives and see what makes them the way they are. I feel Hyderabadi women are a different species, as they're so interesting."

'Salma Deewani' is also the first play that the actor has penned, "I began to write it when I was studying at the National School of Drama." The artist also mentions that she is not really sure if she could fit into the character perfectly.

She hopes to do her best.

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