After BJP's attack on TRS, KTR pens open letter to PM Modi

K T Rama Rao

K T Rama Rao


Soon after the BJP top brass targeting the TRS party and challenging that saffron party will form government in the State, TRS working president and State MA&UD Minister KTR wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

Hyderabad: Soon after the BJP top brass targeting the TRS party and challenging that saffron party will form government in the State, TRS working president and State MA&UD Minister KTR wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday.

Welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders to Telangana, KTR took a dig at the BJP leadership and stated that there was no element of surprise in the BJP deciding to hold its National Executive Meeting here in Hyderabad which is fast progressing. The backwardness of the so called double engine States has made BJP opt a progressive place like Hyderabad for their meetings, he added.

Having hatred and narrowmindedness filled in their DNA, it is too much to expect that the BJP leaders will talk about development and welfare of people in the NEC meeting, said KTR.

The real agenda of their meeting is to spread hatred and not talk about any innovative policies and schemes, said KTR. He added that BJP's real ideology has always been to divide people. KTR stated that the BJP runs on the pillars of lies and it would be too much to expect the BJP leaders to introspect themselves. BJP will not get a better place than Telangana to reinvent themselves and give a fresh start to their politics which works for development.

Prime Minister Modi should study the Telangana model of development, its policies, schemes that could be implemented in BJP ruled states which are being troubled by double engines, said KTR. "Think of building a Vasudaika kutumbam-like society with religious harmony and take steps towards a new beginning," said KTR. He also stated that Telangana, a state prospering in irrigation, infrastructure, innovation and inclusiveness is giving an opportunity to the BJP to realign its political thoughts.

"I'm also reminding you that most of the policies and schemes introduced by the Union Government have been copied from Telangana," he said.

KTR asked PM Modi and the BJP leaders to learn how Telangana Govt under the leadership of CM Sri KCR has constructed the world's largest lift irrigation project Kaleshwaram which has changed the face of irrigation in the State. "Learn how to strengthen the irrigation sector in the country by studying the Kaleshwaram Project," he said. Learn how to rejuvenate the lakes in the country by studying Mission Kakatiya scheme, KTR added.

KTR stated that the TRS Govt in Telangana is working for the welfare of farmers and has already introduced many schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, constructed Rythu vedika buildings and is also providing 24hrs free power supply. "Please change your attitude towards the farmers of the nation. You have copied Telangana's Rythu Bandhu, renamed and introduced PM Kisan Yojna but it's unfortunate that you are not including new farmers into the scheme for the past three years. Please change the terms of the policy and make it more farmer friendly.

KTR also asked PM Modi to study how Telangana Govt. eradicated the fluoride problem which troubled the people for decades. It is the TRS Govt which introduced and implemented Mission Bhagiratha and provided safe drinking water to every citizen at the doorstep, he added.

In 2018 itself you had announced that your government provided electricity to every village in the country. But the fact is that your Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu's village received electricity supply very recently. Let me also remind you that Gujarat still gives power holidays as the Gujarat State Govt there failed to provide uninterrupted power supply. But Telangana is a State where we provide 24 hrs uninterrupted power supply to all sectors. Learn how to remove darkness from the States where you run your double engine, he said.

You have not allocated a single Navodaya school to Telangana but here we constructed about 1000 gurukula schools and are providing free education to the students coming from weaker sections of the society. Telangana Govt is providing overseas scholarships to the students who want to study abroad. You need to Study our education policies, said KTR.

Not a single medical college is allotted to Telangana by the Union Govt. But here Telangana Govt is coming up with one medical college each to every district. We are setting up Basthi Dawakhanas and providing health care at free of cost to the urban poor. We are also implementing Kanti Velugu, maintaining the health profile of citizens. Please study our healthcare policies.

KTR stated that due to indecisiveness of the Union Govt.,the country today is witnessing the highest unemployment rate in the past 45 years. He stated that the Central Govt is negatively impacting the existing jobs opportunities instead of creating new ones. He stated that lakhs of Govt jobs were being lost as the Union Govt was selling PSUs. Telangana Govt has given 1.5 lakh government jobs until now, unlike BJP Govt who promised jobs but never delivered. KTR stated that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed miserably in creating jobs for the youth of the nation.

KTR stated that lakhs of crores of rupees worth investments were brought to the State through innovative and friendly industrial policies. He stated that over 16 lakh private jobs were created in the State.

KTR added that the Telangana Govt is implementing programs like Pattana Pragati and Palle Pragathi which are yielding positive results.

I don't expect Prime Minister Modi who made uncharitable comments on the process of Telangana State formation to do anything good for Telangana.

Hyderabad is fast transforming into the Silicon Valley of India. He reminded that the BJP has cheated the youth of Telangana by not giving ITIR Project to Hyderabad. KTR also mentioned the Bayyaram steel factory and railway coach factories which are constitutional promises to Telangana under AP Reorganization Act were not fulfilled.

"Under your governance, the economy of the country has hit the lowest, rupee value has gone down drastically. While BJP leaders who graduated from WhatsApp university are clueless about the country's economy, Telangana is fast progressing. Please take special classes on how to develop the economy from Telangana", said KTR.

Cooking gas being sold here in our country under your governance has the highest price in the world. Common man in the country is troubled with the price hike of their daily essential products. I dare you discuss the petrol price hike in your meetings here, challenged KTR.

"Telangana has over 450 welfare schemes being implemented here. Please study them and try to implement them in BJP governed States".

Minister KTR ended his message by saying, "Accept the hospitality of Hyderabad and don't forget to eat Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Come up with some fresh political thoughts and also a new beginning by having irani chai here in our city Hyderabad."

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