All About Covid-19 Vaccination And Its Effectiveness In Israel

All About Covid-19 Vaccination And Its Effectiveness In Israel

All About Covid-19 Vaccination And Its Effectiveness In Israel


The coronavirus, which ravaged Israel last month, is now being controlled with vaccination.

The coronavirus, which ravaged Israel last month, is now being controlled with vaccination. Israel claims that despite the virus boom, the situation is rapidly coming under control with corona vaccination. This country is the first country in the world to conduct research on the effects of the corona vaccine. The Israeli Ministry of Health released a report detailing the study. The corona vaccine has shown complete protection for those who took two doses.

Coronavirus cases spread rapidly in the country on January 15 in Israel. A lockdown was imposed at the time. However, the first dose of the vaccine was launched on December 20. As the effect of the first dose was not so great, the number of cases increased greatly. The second dose started on January 10. Israel said in its report that the number of cases had dropped significantly by the 5th of this month, three weeks after the second dose. As of January 15, there were 6,000 cases per week of people over the age of 60 and by February 5, the number had dropped to 3,000.

That means cases have halved among those of that age. In addition, the number of serious cases has dropped to 33 per cent. By February 6, 80 per cent of people over that age have completed taking the second dose. As a result, the prevalence of coronavirus among those in that age group has dropped significantly. Only a handful of those under 60 completed the second dose. As a result, 6,000 cases were reported per week on January 15 among this age group. As of February 5, the number of cases had dropped to 5,000. This is because the spread of the virus among this age group has not decreased to the fullest extent due to the small number of people being vaccinated.

Full Protection For 21 Days

Medical sources say the people will be fully protected 14 days after the second dose, but the case of Israel is different. It turned out that complete protection from the vaccine comes in 21 days. That means it takes about 3 weeks for the antibodies to be fully formed. The reasons for this have also been analyzed. Most of those vaccinated there so far are over 60 years old. So the body response speed is naturally lower in those of that age. Immunity is also low. So it is expected to last for 21 days. New corona strains are coming over.

They said the vaccine might have worked late. On the other hand, some people say that the vaccine may not provide protection due to lack of proper care after vaccination. The vaccine works naturally on each individual, depending on their immunity. However, the corona vaccine works on everyone. The country reported a significant reduction in the prevalence of coronavirus 21 days after the second dose. Pfizer vaccine is being given to the people in the country. Only those over 16 years are being vaccinated. The difference between the first and second dosage time is not more than three weeks.

Israel is at the forefront of the vaccination process. Most people over the age of 16 have already been vaccinated. According to factual field data, the Covid vaccine works. Moreover, for the first time in the world, it is useful for other countries to study the impact of the vaccine on the country. No one needs to worry about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. So everyone should be partners in the vaccination process. The vaccine works regardless of the disease or age.

Says, Dr. Kiran Madala, Head of Critical Care, Nizamabad Government Medical College.

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