Hyderabad: HMWSSB drops RWH pits initiative?

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) initiative of aiding residential welfare associations in the construction of rainwater harvesting pits has been shelved. The initiative was last conducted in 2018 and in 2019 only awareness programmes were conducted.

"There was no proper awareness among the locals regarding the construction of pits. In 2019, our priority was only to make locals understand how the rainwater could be used further by the residents and also how to maintain these pits. Maintenance of these pits was also a concern for both the HMWSSB and locals," said Satyanarayana, the Joint Director of RWH Wing, HMWSSB.

Md Asghar, the owner of Raincheck Systems, Shaikpet said, "In 2019, during the pre-monsoon, more than 50 people approached us regarding the rainwater harvesting pits. Many of the customers also said that they had approached HMWSSB regarding the pits but were given a negative response. The price of the rainwater pit depends on the size that the customer is willing to make. The price that we charge for 1 cubic metre is Rs 2,800 and for 6x6ft pit, it would cost around Rs 16,800 depending on the soil and other factors."

Janardhan Reddy, the president of Gautami Enclave Residents Welfare Association, said, "We have a rainwater pit in our colony which was constructed by a private organization in 2011. Even when we tried approaching the HMWSSB there was a negative response."

On the pricing of cost of construction of rainwater harvesting pit by HMWSSB, Satyanarayana said, "The cost of the RWH pit of a cubic metre is Rs 3,500. It would cost Rs 21,000 for 6x6ft pit."

Not even one harvesting pit constructed in 2019

• The reason, it cites: Lack of response from public

• It confines itself to mere awareness campaign

• When compared with private players, HMWSSB charges Rs 4,200 higher per pit of 6x6ft

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