Hyderabad: How youngsters make most of quarantine time


Hyderabad: Ever since the 21-day nationwide lockdown was announced to contain COVID-19 pandemic, city streets which were always bustling with life now wear a deserted look.

With schools, colleges, parks and even offices are shut, citizens have no choice but to stay indoors. Older generations might have witnessed lockdowns in the form of curfew in some parts of the city decades ago. For youngsters, this lockdown seems unprecedented.

However, youngsters are finding their own ways to make peace with their predicaments. Reacting to this period of social distancing Sravanti Vishwanatha, a Psychology student says, "I am glad that due to the lockdown my father is at home and I have some quality time to spend with him. It gives me immense pleasure to see how this lockdown is healing our environment of noise and air pollution too". On the other hand, Summaiya Ali, a nutrition student likes the sight of peaceful streets. "Never thought a walk to the grocery store would be this exciting. The streets which once were full of people jostling with cars and bikes are now almost empty, a simple walk to the stores is proving to be a much needed break from being holed up at home, doing nothing. It is truly peaceful out there. A rare sight to see," she quips.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman who appeared for his intermediate exams recently has set up a time table for everything, "Right from spending time with pets to attending online classes for CLAT to taking a nap and helping my mother in household chores, I have a schedule for everything. Besides, it has become a family ritual to watch a 'movie of the day' before we go to bed as it helps us unwind and ward off negativity."

Breaking the stereotypes, boys don't mind honing their culinary skills during this period of social distancing. "I tried my hands at Italian and Arabic cuisine by making lasagna, khabsa, white sauce pasta etc," says Mohammad Fakhruddin a BBA student. "I am learning culinary skills from my mom and helping her in decorating our house," reiterates Uday Kumar, a law student.

While some were experimenting in kitchen M. Vikas, a BSc student, spents his time on DIY videos. "I made a video on how to prepare a hand wash, facemask and hand sanitizer. I posted these videos in our college groups and YouTube," he shares.

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