Amaravati: No development witnessed in 14 months says Yanamala Ramakrishnudu

Former Finance Minister and senior TDP leader Yanmala Ramakrishnudu

Former Finance Minister and senior TDP leader Yanmala Ramakrishnudu 


Wonders why CM Jagan could not launch a single developmental project in any of the 3 regions in the State

Amaravati: Former Finance Minister and senior TDP leader Yanmala Ramakrishnudu launched a scathing attack on the YSRCP government, saying that there was zero development in all the three regions Rayalaseema, Coastal AP and North Coastal Andhra in the last 14 months.

In a statement on Sunday, Yanamala wondered why the Chief Minister could not take up a single developmental project in the State in any of the three regions since he came to power in 2019.

Moreover, the Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council pointed out that MedTech Zone and FinTech Valley projects were destroyed in Visakhapatnam by the State government.

A project worth over Rs 70,000 crore of Adani Data Centre was driven away from North Coastal Andhra. The same was the fate of Lulu Group's multi-crore project. The YSRCP rule has reduced the port city into a haven of land-grabbers and property offenders with the ordinary public feeling greatly unsafe and insecure.

Yanamala said that even in Rayalaseema, the YSRCP gangsters used pistols to threaten the managements of solar power plants, he alleged. In Prakasam district, Rs 25,000 crore paper and pulp industry has gone back.

This only reflects that Jagan Mohan Reddy was running a destructive but not a development regime. The Chief Minister was using 3 capitals as a political gimmick to promote his selfish and personal agenda, Yanamala alleged.

Violence, demolitions and destruction were the foundation on which the Chief Minister was building his empire, he added.

Stating that development was never a priority for the YSRCP, the former Minister said if the ruling party leaders were honest, they would not have touched the PPAs nor would they have received warnings from the embassies of five countries.

The YSRCP would not have suffered setbacks in courts for 70 times. For five years, the TDP strove hard to increase the potential and prestige of Visakhapatnam through development, but all that was immersed in Bay of Bengal in just 14 months by the YSRCP government.

Ramakrishnudu regretted that over 139 companies proposed to be set up in Amaravati capital city area and thousands of jobs in these companies were gone now because of the decision of Jagan Reddy regime.

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