Need to maintain personal hygiene, physical distance even after 21 days

Need to maintain personal hygiene, physical distance even after 21 days
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What you will do on 22nd day, will matter a lot in prevention of the COVID19.

Amaravati: What you will do on 22nd day, will matter a lot in prevention of the COVID 19. Many people in the state have been in a broad view that after completing the 21 days of the lockdown period, the virus dies and will put an end to the pandemic. Contrary, the experts are suggesting that what we have been practising during the lockdown period must become a custom until scientists invent either medicine or vaccine.

One has to inculcate the habit of conditioning of the mind to follow the same precautions like social distance, personal hygiene, not going into gatherings or congregations until we get permanent treatment or preventive prophylaxis like effective vaccination.

Even though the government may lift the lockdown due to various reasons like financial crisis or livelihood problem of the people in the country, the individuals must continue all the precautions as we have been practising now. Otherwise, it will lead to a second wave, as cautioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, observed the doctors.

Adireddi Paradesi Naidu, Microbiologist of the Government Medical College at Anantapur, said that people must participate in self curfew. He is presently working in the COVID-19 lab in Anantapur district. He said that if the Tablighi Jamaat incident did not happen, the 21 days lockdown is enough. But now, it is advisable to stay at home. There is a possible threat for further spread, he said adding that some people are exhibiting the symptoms after 14 days. At this juncture, Naidu observed, if anybody catches up the virus on April 1 or 2, then he may show the symptoms after April 14.

If the incidents continue, within three days, the number of cases will skyrocket in the State and country, he observed. The government has already collected TJs returnees data to prevent community spread.

Naidu also added that if the Covid-19 positive graph decreases in the next one week, then the lockdown may be relaxed. Otherwise, the stringent lockdown must continue, he said.

Dr V Vara Prasad, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at GGH in Kakinada, who engaged in the COVID-19 duty, said that some of the virus-positive patients are not exhibiting the symptoms, which is more dangerous. Because we only test people with positive symptoms. It is a tricky situation. Hence, we could not predict whether the virus is existing or not in someone. This is prompting us to be careful, he added.

Even though the lockdown would be lifted, the practice of physical distancing, personal hygiene should be the custom, he said.

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