Rajamahendravaram: Demand shoots up for one-gram gold ornaments

Demand shoots up for one-gram gold ornaments

Demand shoots up for one-gram gold ornaments


  • Traders attract customers with slew of incentives
  • Offer wide variety of designs with regard to bangles, earrings, rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and Vaddanams

Rajamahendravaram: The gold merchants are using their charms to attract the customers, struck by ever rising prices of yellow metal. Moreover, the gold traders are throwing a slew of incentives including reducing of making charges and also offering depreciation (tarugu) too.

In the wake of the skyrocketing prices of gold, poor, middle class and even rich women are showing interest in purchasing one-gram gold which is within their reach. The demand for one gram gold is increasing day by day.

One-gram gold ornaments are made with silver, copper and brass with a light gold coating with one year guarantee. Variety of ornaments such as bangles, chains, necklaces, bracelets, vaddanams, earrings, talibottu and rings are being made.

One-gram gold jewellery is sold piece wise as against gram wise of other gold ornaments. The one-gram gold ornaments come from Jaipur and Mumbai. The cost of chains varies from Rs 450 to Rs 4,000, bangles from Rs 200 to Rs 2,500 and price of necklaces rate based on the stones studded.

There are as many as 500 one-gram gold shops in the district and of them 70 shops are in the city.

According to a shop owner RM Rao, one-gram gold ornaments are having good demand and even rich women are purchasing the ornaments which are equal in shine when compared ornaments made of yellow metal. With each passing day, many designs are flooding the market and with this customers are getting attracted to the designs.

Moreover, there is no fear about theft of one-gram gold and also at present one gram gold ornaments are a boon to poor and middle class people.

Meanwhile, the ornaments will be exchanged if they are damaged during the guarantee period.

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