Tirupati: Power tariff not hiked, billing increased due to summer says APSPDCL CMD H Harinatha Rao

Tirupati: Power tariff not hiked, billing increased due to summer says APSPDCL CMD  H Harinatha Rao
APSPDCL CMD H Harinatha Rao

  • If there are errors in the bills due to human mistakes, such bills will be corrected by staff on request from consumers, SPDCL CMD H Harinatha Rao says
  • SPDCL has set up two special desks at all EROs for making corrections, he adds

Tirupati: Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (APSPDCL) Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) H Harinatha Rao said, ``In fact power tariff was not hiked.

But the consumption by the consumers has been increased due to summer season. Due to excess use of ACs, coolers, and refrigerators, power consumption will be increased during three months of summer generally during summer three months bills have been increasing.''

Speaking to ­­ on Thursday CMD Harinatha Rao said that the total billing during the current summer season has been increased slightly when compared to the billing of last year for the same season.

Company earns additional Rs 34 crore on last two months total billing and there is no major difference in company's eaning, he said.

He stated that during summer 2019 (April to May) SPDCL had received Rs 332 crore on 886 million units consumption under five districts. In the current year, company earns only 366 crores over 977 million units consumption.

"If we enhanced the power tariff for domestic services, automatically billing demand would have been increased hugely. But the company income shows there is no much difference on company' income.

But, he admitted that there were some human errors while generating bills and the officials noticed that such errors occurred in about 1% of total bills.

To set right these issues, SPDCL had set up two special desks at every electrical revenue office (ERO) in all the divisions to address the written complaints from consumers.

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