Will dual degree system benefit students?

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In the spirit of New Education Policy-2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced a dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12.

In the spirit of New Education Policy-2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced a dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12. The facility, available across all courses or combination of courses, is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities. When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, many agreed that benefits outweigh the demerits of the new system. However, some people urge the Central government to take measures to spread further awareness on NEP-2020.

In the current system where one person is studying for a degree at a time, many people are failing in their respective subjects. With this experience, we can surely say that this dual degree is useful only for those who have a high level of attention and understanding. For those who have low IQ levels, it is a bane. The authorities should conduct an entrance exam for dual degree admissions and the minimum eligible marks must be 50 per cent. Then minimum class attendance also should be made mandatory. We should not forget that education is for life, not for degrees. According to the syllabus, there should be a mental preparedness of the student to face any adverse situations and stress in daily life.

- Dr. Ravi Parasa, Skills trainer, nail artist, Rajamahendravaram

Employment is one of the main problem our country is facing. In order to overcome this, the government should take revolutionary steps in the education system. So, this proposal of Dual Degree for both UG and PG enhances the employability of the students and will be beneficial. Through this policy, students can acquire knowledge in two the fields which eventually paves way for a promising future. So, the universities and educational institutions should take this Dual Degree proposal to make it happen.

- S N Jyothi Kumari, Gr-2.Gazetted HM, ZPPHS,.Pedageddada, Rampachodavaram, Alluri Sitharamaraju District

The parents and students don't know about the National Education Policy- 2020 or the dual degree concept, even though the colleges can be ready to introduce it. There are some students who are capable of achieving a dual degree when given the chance. But before that, bodies like the UGC, universities and APSCHE should explain the features of the dual degree concept and how they are going to implement it. As there is no need of doing both degrees from the same college or in a regular mode, the interested students can do it online and distance modes. Personally, I suggest that there should be a major degree with a related syllabus and a minor degree with a reduced syllabus, coordination and hierarchical flowchart between the universities to give credits to already passed subjects in one of the courses, etc.,

- Kandimalla Purnachandra Rao, Assistant Professor, RISE Engineering College, Ongole

Time is worth more than money. The opportunity to save time is available in the dual degree policy. This provides access to highly educated human resources at an early age. They will have the opportunity to serve the country for a long time. This policy will be of great benefit to the country in the long run. This facility also benefits the individual. It helps one to take courses with different benefits simultaneously and gain skills and settle down in life sooner.

- Jilani, Revenue Inspector, Gangavaram mandal, Alluri Sitharamaraju district

Dual courses facility extended by UGC is very useful to the students because they will have two options to choose their career. In highly competitive world, the students are facing difficulties in getting better employment opportunities and settle in career. Based on their talent and interest, the students can pursue two degrees simultaneously and opt for the better career. I welcome the decision of the UGC. The concept will also save time for the students.

- Shaik Ahmed, Principal, Government Junior Urdu College, Vijayawada.

The dual degree is definitely useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It gives them opportunities for the science students to have another degree in commerce or humanities, or for the engineering students to earn another degree in management. This dual degree model also provides the opportunity for Indian students to compete in education and professional offers with candidates from the USA, UK and other leading countries. However, to cash in on the dual degree concept, the government, UGC and others should organise awareness programmes and discuss the merits and demerits. They should draw a roadmap, by keeping in view the benefits of the student in view, and no student should lose any opportunity due to their mismanagement. I strongly believe that this will happen only by the time the first dual degree batch of students become graduates of the courses.

- Dr Mande Harsha Preetham Dev Kumar, Assistant Professor, ANU PG Centre, Ongole

Dual degree courses are useful to the students. IITs are offering M Tech+ PhD courses with five-year duration instead of six years. The students pursuing the course will save one year. They will get better employment opportunities due to dual degrees and have more knowledge. Similarly, the students may simultaneously study B Tech+MBA dual degree courses. When the students have dual degrees, they may have better options. At present, these courses are available in Hyderabad and other metros.

- Prof Dr Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu, Director, Vignan – Keysight Centre of Excellence, Department of ECE, Vignan University, Guntur district

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