Insecurity doesn't creep in: Vaani Kapoor

Insecurity doesnt creep in: Vaani Kapoor

She has been around for six years in the glitzy world of Bollywood but has done just four films.

She has been around for six years in the glitzy world of Bollywood but has done just four films. Actress Vaani Kapoor seems to be taking it slow and steady in the Hindi film industry.

She says insecurity has not crept into her life so far because she believes in giving her 100 per cent dedication to the work she does.

"You only feel insecure when you let insecurities creep into your life. It hasn't so far in my life," Vaani told IANS.

She added: "Of course you have low days and great days but I believe in just giving 100 per cent to what comes my way and just having gratitude for what you're being part of... and of course you are good at what you are doing hopefully more of that will happen and come your way."

Vaani made her film debut in 2013 with the romantic comedy "Shuddh Desi Romance". She was later seen in Hindi films like "Befikre" and "War". How does she look back at her journey?

"One should always be looking for great films and I am greedy for good work, content driven films and I want to act and be part of those films. I won't deny that. Every actor is hungry for the best part that comes their way," she said.

The 31-year-old says she is currently having fun in life and is in a happy zone, with the work that is coming her way. "I am very happy and grateful for the work that is coming my way.

I have 'War', then 'Shamshera' so as of now I am just taking life as in how it is happening for me," she said. Like in every actor's career, Vaani faced a speed bump when her second film 'Befikre' starring Ranveer Singh tanked at the Indian box-office. But she never lets any kind of criticism affect her.

She said: "You never know who is going to like or hate you or reprimand or applaud you for something. You can just do things that are in your hands and for me what in my hand is being fair and justified in my job and not disappoint my director and people who are putting efforts in efforts in the project.

"I cannot be lazy about what I am getting. I just want to be the best in my life and job. And that's what I hope for... I dont want to disappoint people working me." So, now what kind of work is Vaani aspiring to do?

"I have done such little work that there's so much of work I want to do.. There are so many aspects of me as an actor that I want to explore and figure. As of now I am excited to do all sorts of genres of films," she said.

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